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Photos Released Of Cadillac Celestiq Prototype Undergoing Testing

Photos Released Of Cadillac Celestiq Prototype Undergoing Testing

The elusive Cadillac Celestiq show car was finally revealed last month. Now, the luxury marque has released a series of photos depicting its all-new battery electric flagship sedan undergoing testing clad in rather disorienting camouflage. 

The unique camo wrap differs from camo patterns seen on other prototypes, featuring a starry theme that could be a reference to the Celestiq’s outer space-inspired nameplate. The wrap conceals the finer details of the electric sedan’s design, hiding its front end behind what appear to be a set of blocky sections. The vehicle’s side profile also appears to be flat beneath the camo, likely due to Cadillac’s desire to keep the surface development close to the vest until the production model debuts.

Despite this, the vertical lighting elements are visible up front, although they appear to be placeholder clusters instead of the more streamlined versions that will be implemented on the production version. Also noticeable are a few cutouts that were likely made to allow the vehicle’s forward-facing camera and sensors to function. 

As we can see from the side, the Cadillac Celesetiq has a low-slung, sporty profile, with a wide, low-to-the-ground stance, and a long roofline that slopes downward aft of the C-pillar in hatchback-like style. Interestingly, the rolling stock are concealed behind a set of wheel covers.

Riding on the BEV3 platform, the Cadillac Celestiq will be built in very small numbers at the GM Global Technical Center, thanks to an $81 million investment in the facility. The luxury marque states that more information on the production model, including availability, will be revealed “at a later date.” Sources have indicated that interested customers should expect the Celestiq to carry a price tag of over $300,000.  Recently, Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, filed to trademark four Celestiq-related names – Celestiq Vale, Celestiq Mist, Celestiq Aurora and Celestiq Magnetic. The names will likely take the place of Cadillac’s traditional Y-trim strategy

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Cadillac Celestiq Show Car Photos

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  1. I live in the southeastern United States. This car will not work for me. Why can’t we buy a CT6 nonelectric car. Cadillac will lose a substantial market for that car. The Celestiq doesn’t fit my driving profile. Without a luxury car like the CT6, they will lose me. I have been buying alot of Cadillacs since 1993. Perhaps I don’t matter to them anymore. They are selling an updated CT6 in China but not the market that made Cadillac successful.

    If not available to the American marjet, goodbye Cadillac.

  2. Time to dump the rest of my gm stock.

  3. I agree 100% with Wilson La Foe. I currently have 2-CT6’s, a 2017 Premium and a 2020 Premium Luxury. GM/Cadillac should bring the 2nd gen CT6 to the states and market it. The compact CT4 is junk and the CT5 might as well be a 2-seater as it CANNOT fit 4 average sized adults in it. Cadillac has lost me as a customer, and I have had 5 Caddys since 2002.

    Thay now $300K+ fugly thing is supposed to wow buyers from Bentley, Maybach or other high roller cars they just put GM/Cadillac futher in the red.

    • I agree with all the gentlemen above it seems that Cadillac has turned it’s back on the people who made Cadillac what it is with the come back of almost being in the brink of despair. If they charge 300,000 dollars for a car only the elite will be able to afford it while people such as myself will not which concludes that Cadillac do not care about their core customers who saved them once before

  4. Who is buying a $300,000 Cadillac ?????

  5. If Cadillac would sell the Cadillac CT6 in the states, it would not be able to keep up with the demand. I would certainly be a customer. Ship some over from China and see how fast they would sell. Or if I could order a Cadillac CT6, I would.


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