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Cadillac Files To Trademark Celestiq Design Themes

Cadillac Files To Trademark Celestiq Design Themes

Hot on the heels of the reveal of the Cadillac Celestiq show car last month, Cadillac Society has learned that luxury marque’s parent company, General Motors, has filed to trademark four names that will be applied toward design themes for the upcoming electric ultra-luxury sedan. 

The four names being trademarked are “Celestiq Aurora,” “Celestiq Vale,” “Celestiq Magnetic” and “Celestiq Mist.” Each application was filed on August 5th, 2022, under the Goods and Services category of “motor land vehicles, namely automobiles.”

Though the Cadillac Celestiq is slated to be the most customizable vehicle ever made by the luxury marque, these four names will likely represent a selection of interior and exterior themes that will be offered on the vehicle. This could include exclusive exterior hues, interior colorways and moods. This could mean that while the customer will still have full control over even the most minute aspect of their luxury sedan’s build, they may be offered a choice of several design themes to get them started. 

On that note, we think it’s safe to assume that the Celestiq won’t be made available with Cadillac’s traditional Y-trim level lineup, which includes Luxury, Premium Luxury and Sport trims, and their respective performance branches. Instead, the aforementioned names being trademarked will likely serve as the “trim level” structure for the upcoming battery electric flagship sedan instead. 

In order to provide unparalleled attention to detail during production, the Cadillac Celestiq will be completely hand-built at the GM Global Technical Center in Warren, Michigan, save for certain battery and driveline components. It will be assembled in very small numbers, and will be exclusively marketed in “affluent” communities that will be more receptive to its relatively high price point. In fact, the Celestiq is expected to carry a starting price tag of as much as $300,000, and will feature premium technologies like Ultra Cruise and SPD SmartGlass.

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  1. Call it what you like…it still looks like a Marlin !!!


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