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This 2019 Cadillac CT6-V Looks Great With Custom Red Bumper Accents

This 2019 Cadillac CT6-V Looks Great With Custom Red Bumper Accents

Seeing a Cadillac CT6-V on the road is a rare occurrence, and finding one for sale is even more of a rarity. Cadillac Society recently stumbled across a listing for the performance sedan, and right away, we noticed something unique about this machine: it has a set of custom red exterior accents. 

This 2019 Cadillac CT6-V is currently for sale at a Cadillac dealer in Washington state, where it’s listed for $81,938. All things considered, we think that’s a decent price for a collector-quality sedan. There’s only 13,658 miles on the odometer, so it’s safe to say this rare CT6-V likely hasn’t seen much abuse in its lifetime. 

The exterior is painted in sleek Black Raven paint, but as previously mentioned, the most notable feature on the performance sedan’s exterior is the addition of bright red accents applied to the lower part of the front splitter. It’s worth noting that Cadillac did not offer such color treatments at the time of purchase, so the red is most certainly a custom job. 

Inside this CT6-V, we find an interior furnished in Fine Twill Weave Carbon Fiber trim and Ravewood Trim, along with front bucket seats featuring chevron perforated inserts and a panoramic moonroof. More noteworthy features included in this CT6-V are the Driver Assist Package, the Bose Panaray 34-speaker sound system, a wireless smartphone charging pad, and active rear steering.

The 2019 Cadillac CT6-V is powered by the twin-turbocharged 4.2L V8 Blackwing engine (production code LTA), which is rated at 550 horsepower and 640 pound-feet of torque. The twin-turbocharged “Blackwing” powerhouse has since been discontinued and is no longer in production, but interestingly, it can still be purchased via the Cadillac parts catalog. 

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  1. The CT6 was an outstanding car. I can’t believe Cadillac discontinued its production. I have a 2020 and love it…probably going to switch brands after more than 40 years of loyalty, when the lease is up in 2023. Its too bad that Cadillac has chosen to abandon its loyal customers. I guess we have to chalk it up to “Poor Management”.

  2. After its introduction, I was unaware of any serious marketing efforts for the CT6, in spite of GM’s serious investment in metallurgical advances, suspension technology, and the Blackwing engine. It was as though they were suddenly ashamed of the product, and they abandoned it. Truly sad.

  3. Re: CT6 and marketing by Cadillac. It’s the way I feel about the passing of the ATS – outside of an initial push in 2013-14 with its introduction, efforts to market it seemed muted. It was a great platform, and they could have easily tweaked it to deal with the perceived shortcomings. I owned more than one ATS but, always having been an early adopter, got caught up in the hype about the CT series. Traded my ATS for a CT4 – I rue the day and decision, and I’m actively seeking a low mileage 2018-19 ATS to trade in on.

  4. I guess I am selfish….yes….concerned for the future of the brand…but as the article says…and the rude expression goes…”I got mine”…actually, my second…the first killed in a t-bone accident, but fortunately the dealer had a last one in the well…funny thing is the best compliments come from Caddy people…THEY know what it is…to others…”oh, another black Cadillac”….(our little secret!!!)….hey folks…watch one more thing…I was “profiled” by a police officer and ticketed for…ready…NO FRONT PLATE!…my record is stellar…he had no other violations…but according to my lawyer (I am forcing him to admit on the stand that he profiled the car) this model had him expecting a bad driving record…NOT! But insane drivers will try to entice you to race…be safe, all

  5. Did Mercedes’ and BMW stop the S and 7, didn’t think so. Caddy biggest mistake was selling the xts next to the CT6. If this hold they are losers simply put.


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