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Check Out This 2021 Cadillac Escalade Package Few Buyers Know About

Check Out This 2021 Cadillac Escalade Package Few Buyers Know About

Even without any options ticked, the all-new 2021 Cadillac Escalade definitely has what it takes to turn heads. However, the latest next-generation SUV is also offered with a variety of packages that take the Escalade’s styling up a notch, including this one package that few buyers know about.

It’s called the Radiant package, and it adds a selection exterior features that add even more bling to the 2021 Cadillac Escalade.

We previously took a look at the Radiant package offered on the Cadillac XT6, but now, we’re checking out the package of the same name as applied to the new 2021 Escalade.

The Radiant package for the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade is tagged with production code PDV, and is available on Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Premium Luxury – Platinum trim levels. The Radiant package is not offered on Sport or Sport Platinum trim levels.

The Radiant package includes the following content (production codes included in parentheses):

  • 22-inch 12-spoke Chrome alloy wheels (SET)
  • Bright Sport mesh grille with Galvano surround (SJ9)
  • Monochromatic Cadillac emblem (SFZ)
  • Cadillac crest puddle lamps (S3I)

Pricing for the 2021 Cadillac Escalade Radiant package is set at $3,295.

The new Escalade Radiant package is an LPO-level item, which means it’s ordered with the vehicle, and the cost of the package is factored into the vehicle pricing, finance, and lease rates. The package is also installed at the dealership.

Radiant Package on Premium Luxury trim level

Premium Luxury trim without Radiant Package

For those 2021 Escalade buyers that want to add even more flash to the new SUV’s styling, the Radiant package looks like a pretty tempting choice. To demonstrate what the package looks like, we’ve included images of 2021 Escalade Premium Luxury model above, both with and without the package, providing an easy way to compare and contrast what the aesthetic upgrades actually look like. The vehicles featured here are finished in Black Raven with regard to the exterior color.

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  1. Other than the nicer wheel rims, I don’t really see much difference. Both examples look beautiful and classy. I have a Sport Platinum in Black Raven ordered as I prefer the black out look over the classy chrome look. But all models of the 2021 Escalade look really good.

      Trying to order new Escalade, dealer (4) response extremely poor to give quote after specifications given.
      Hard to understand from a former new car (Chrysler, Dodge, Mitsubishi) dealer

  2. Nice. The grille especially. It gives a person a “Middle Choice” between the heavier, chrome horizontal bar and the completely blacked-out mesh style.

    What’s a “Puddle Lamp”?

  3. Not sure why so few people would know about it—the configurator lists in the package area every time I have seen!

    Believe puddle lamp shines Cadillac crest on the ground off side view mirrors.

    • Thanks

  4. The Radiant package was also available on the 4th. generation model if anyone recalls, it was only available on Luxury and Premium Luxury models at the time and not available on Platinum. Also Manhattan Noir Edition models were available too with the similar trim setup.


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