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First Units Of Cadillac CT5-V Begin To Arrive At Dealers

First Units Of Cadillac CT5-V Begin To Arrive At Dealers

The first units of the Cadillac CT5-V performance sedan are now arriving, with some customers already receiving delivery.

The Cadillac CT5-V is currently the top-dog in the CT5 sedan model lineup, slotting above the CT5 Sport in terms of trim level cadence. Per Cadillac’s latest two-tiered V-Series strategy, a go-faster “next-level” Cadillac CT5-V is expected to debut later this year with more aggressive styling and aero, more aggressive suspension, a supercharged V8 engine, and even a manual transmission option.

As for the “regular” CT5-V, standard spec includes a twin-turbocharged 3.0L V6 (production code LGY) engine, which mates to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Output is rated at 360 horsepower at 5,400 rpm and 405 pound-feet of torque at 2,350 rpm. Rear-wheel-drive is standard, while all-wheel-drive is optional.

To sharpen its performance prowess even further, the 2020 Cadillac CT5-V is also equipped with fourth-generation Magnetic Ride Control suspension, Brembo front brakes, Performance Traction Management, and Vehicle Control Mode. Models running rear-wheel-drive get 19-inch alloys and a set of summer-only performance rubber, while the all-wheel-drive models swap the summer tires in favor of an all-season compound.

Styling is upgraded on the Cadillac CT5-V as well, with a V-Series mesh grille for the nose, glossy black trim bits front to back, and a rear diffuser matched to quad exhaust tips in the rear.

Pricing starts at $48,690.

Next-level CT5-V

With units of the CT5-V now headed to dealers, all eyes now turn to the forthcoming “next-level” model, which will up the ante with an estimated output in the 600-horsepower and 600-pound-feet range. Earlier reports indicated that the go-faster CT5-V would come tagged with the Blackwing name, just like the twin-turbo 4.2L V8 found under the hood of the Cadillac CT6-V, but it was later revealed that Cadillac changed branding direction and will likely call the upcoming four-door something else.

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  1. I took delivery of my CT5 V this week. A few comments:

    1) It drives nothing like the base CT5…having driven both, they feel and sound like two completely different cars. Night and day difference.

    2) the exhaust note is surprising …and amazing. This thing cracks and burbles in a wonderful way. Paricularly when you use the paddle shifters.

    3) Feels incredibly spacious inside yet drives “small”

    4) The chassis is amazingly taut and buttoned down yet in Tour mode it has a very smooth ride. So much better than my XC90 which was bouncy and jiggly.

    I am so impressed so far!

    • Sounds great! I saw one yesterday with an M plate in my neighborhood, but didn’t recognize it. Good on ‘ya, Cadillac!

    • Terrific. I hope you’ll return and post your ongoing experiences.

      What color/ interior did you choose?

      • Velocity Red with Whisper Beige (cream & black) intwrior

        • ?

    • Congrats! How long ago did you order? Do you have any pictures you could post?

      • I ordered it the 2nd week of December. I just posted a YouTube video of the exhaust sound: https://youtu.be/iAu-6CLC_vo

        • Very good.

    • Congrats, looking forward to hearing/reading more as you get accustom to the CT-5 V.

  2. Although the Blackwing engine has such a cool name, it was a waste to have it in development in the first place for just one car.

  3. The comments by Gary are good to read. It is a V Series at the end of the day. I’ll definitely test drive one but I’m going to wait until the ‘uplevel’ is announced/released.

  4. V series is an underpowered V-Sport by any other reference. If only Cadillac had left well enough alone.


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