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2020 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Price Reduced By $2,000

2020 Cadillac Escalade Platinum Price Reduced By $2,000

Those in the market for a new Cadillac Escalade will be happy to know that the price of the range-topping Platinum model has been reduced by $2,000 for the 2020 model year. Notably, the change in price of the Platinum trim applies to both, the regular-length 2020 Cadillac Escalade and the extended-length 2020 Escalade ESV models, which carry an MSRP of $93,590 and $96,590, respectively.

Cadillac Escalade at 2018 LA Auto Show

It’s worth noting that the change in price, along with the January discount offer for the Escalade, equates to an additional savings of $3,000 for buyers who opt for a 2020 Escalade Platinum model instead of a 2019 Platinum model. This is because Cadillac is offering an extra $1,000 off 2020 models, which compounds the $2,000 drop in MSRP. This change of events applies to both Escalade and Escalade ESV models, and interested parties should note that the referenced discount offers are available through February 3rd, 2020.


As we mentioned, pricing for all non-Platinum Escalade and Escalade ESV models remained the same for the 2020 model year. Below, we list the 2020 Escalade and Escalade ESV trim levels and their corresponding starting MSRPs, which include a destination charge of $1,295:

Cadillac Escalade:

  • Standard – $76,490
  • Luxury – $82,090
  • Premium Luxury – $86,490
  • 2019 Platinum – $95,590
  • 2020 Platinum – $93,590

Cadillac Escalade ESV:

  • Standard – $79,490
  • Luxury – $85,090
  • Premium Luxury – $89,490
  • 2019 Platinum – $98,590
  • 2020 Platinum – $96,590

We imagine that the effort to make Platinum pricing more competitive, along with the generous Cadillac Escalade discount offers in recent months, is likely a strategic tactic to fend off newer rivals prior to the arrival of the all-new Escalade. Though the new Lincoln Navigator has been well-received as it aims to eat into Escalade sales, Cadillac will soon have an answer: the next-generation 2021 Escalade, which will debut on February 4th.

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  1. Who gives a shit. No one wants this one anyway…………

    • Aww. What you meant was “I don’t give a shit. I CAN’T afford this anyway…” you’re welcome 🙂

    • With all due respect John Engelman, I have spoken to plenty of people who want one and welcome the discounts. So, yeah, they do give a s**t along with many others who aren’t too keen on the 2021 body style. A 2020 Escalade is a very luxurious Cadillac – whether or not you think otherwise.

    • Regardless of what you think of the Escalade, it remains to be a very reliable vehicle, the craftsmanship remains intact after so many miles being put on them. I was looking at, just for curiosity, ’99-’07 models with high mileage of 200K and the interior still in spartan condition depending on the year.

      I took the same look at Lincoln Navigator around the same year ’98-’07, the interior deteriorated quicker than the Escalade. I also found a ’15 ESV model w/ 100K mileage and the interior fit and finish and quality was like it was from showroom floor.

      So the current Escalade is the best Escalade yet and I look forward to the reveal tonight so there are plenty of people who think the Escalade is the best in class due to sales volume over the competition.

  2. That’s right John. This old dressed up Yukon IS a piece of shit. Navigator or Aviator is much better

    • The Aviator is much better than the Navigator. How come Ford can’t give the car air-ride suspension, soft-closed doors and fixed door handles that is electronic on the Navigator? Even the Navigator don’t have sensors that spot road irregularities and adjust the suspension to its softest setting what have not and for as other features that the Aviator has that the Navigator don’t. IMO, it was a missed opportunity when Ford did not introduce them to the Navigator for ’18 since the car is their flagship. The Navigator should had a Grand Touring model from the start and Lincoln messed that up for them.

      The Navigator is nice same as for the Aviator, but I’ll take the current Escalade over them regardless of how much nicer they are. Also, the Escalade’s interior will hold up a lot longer than Lincoln’s will in terms of fit-n-finish and durability over the longer haul of ownership. There is a reason why the Escalade have higher mileage than the Navigator in subsequent years.

  3. “….Bitter, party of one. Bitter, party of one…”


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