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Cadillac Teases 2021 Escalade Prior To Official Debut: Breaking

Cadillac Teases 2021 Escalade Prior To Official Debut: Breaking

Cadillac has just released a teaser of its next-generation 2021 Escalade. The teaser only shows the front end of the all-new full-size luxury SUV from the driver’s side, revealing parts of the front fascia.

The face of the 2021 Escalade features horizontally-oriented headlamps and vertical light bars that seem to be used as daytime running lamps and as turn signals, while also serving as signature accent lights. Those vertical light bars end with what appears to be an inward-facing chrome piece that connects with the lower fascia.

We can also see a relatively large front grille with four horizontal bars, with the Cadillac Crest logo is proudly placed between the two upper bars. The grille is adorned at the top with a horizontally-oriented chrome accent, while another chrome accent outlines the lower portion of the grille, before running vertically up the sides of the grille and ending at the headlight cluster.

The fascia looks similar to photos of the 2021 Escalade that leaked out a few weeks ago.

That said, the teaser image released by Cadillac today has one key difference when compared to the leaked photo. That difference is the grille, with the official teaser showing the Premium Luxury trim as opposed to what appears to be the sport trim in the leaked image.

Cadillac will reveal the all-new 2021 Escalade in Hollywood on Tuesday, February 4th. The model will represent the fifth generation of the segment-defining nameplate, as well as the fifth all-new model – following the XT4, XT6, CT5, and CT4 – as part of Cadillac’s product offensive.

The reveal event will be held in conjunction with the Oscars, during which the luxury automaker has typically aired a commercial.

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  1. Looks like another winner for Cadillac!!!! Really like the crest higher on the grill.

    • Over priced junk. Poor interiors with limited practicality. Jury is still out on the 10 speed transmission. A lot of complaints about it.

  2. GM continues its pathetic march towards cost cutting, crappy vehicles that are over priced. Hyundai brings style, great interiors and “Value” for its pricing yet GM arrogantly thinks it can deliver “ehh”. I predict the E will sell OK in 2021 but taper off because the price is going to be insane. There is no question the Navigator offers a better interior and IMO styling. I’ve never bot a Ford product but I’ll never likely buy another GM product. All their insanely cheap interiors they call “Jet Black” because that’s a jazzy name for cheap black plastic… this company is pathetic.

  3. XJUG above said it 100%. the new Escalade looks cheap. every cadillac looks the same , just a different size. garbage black interiors, and Hyundais do look great even thow it would not be a vehicle for me. GMC trucks have all dark exterior colors except white, and the interiors offered are jet black, and dark walnut. GM builds cheap , cheap, cheap looking vehicles. GM has lost its mind. they do not make classy vehicles any longer. INSANE

  4. Both comments above are exactly on the mark. My loaded 2017 Sierra 1500 All Terrain had a much nicer and practical interior then my 2019 Escalade premium luxury. Hands down. I could have purchased two sierra pickups for the price of the Escalade. My mistake.

    Moving to the Navigator next time.


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