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Orange Color To Join Cadillac CT5 Lineup Later This Year

Orange Color To Join Cadillac CT5 Lineup Later This Year

Last week, we took a look at the 11 exterior paint options offered with the current Cadillac CT5. However, as some of our readers pointed out, there’s one glaring omission in the paint hue palette, namely the orange color seen with the introduction of the new Cadillac CT5-V. We looked, but the orange color is nowhere to be found in either the visualizer configurator. So we reached out to Cadillac directly for an answer.

According to Cadillac spokesperson Tara Kuhnen, the orange color seen on the debut of the Cadillac CT5-V will in fact be offered at a later date.

“The color is called Royal Spice Metallic,” Kuhnen tells us. “The reason you’re not seeing it is because it’s a limited production color that will be offered for ordering later this year. Once orders open it should appear on the configurator.”

Kuhnen did not provide any details on the limited nature of this paint option.

We’re certainly happy to learn that the Royal Spice Metallic orange color will indeed make it on the list of exterior paint options for the new Cadillac CT5. All too often, luxury brands limit paint choices to a boring lineup of silvers, grays, blacks and whites. However, the CT5 is looking like it’s bucking that trend with some unique paint options.

For reference, the addition of Royal Spice Metallic will boost the number of Cadillac CT5 paint options to 12. As such, the lineup will include:

  • Royal Spice Metallic
  • Crystal White Tricoat
  • Velocity Red
  • Red Obsession Tintcoat
  • Satin Steel Metallic
  • Summit White
  • Black Raven
  • Evergreen Metallic
  • Shadow Metallic
  • Wave Metallic
  • Garnet Metallic
  • Dark Moon Metallic

The availability of these colors varies between the CT5 trim levels, and we would expect something similar with the new Royal Spice Metallic hue when it finally joins the lineup later this year.

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  1. YUK !!!

    • Your comment is yuk.

      I love the color. If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it.

      Also keep in mind that the competition offers a wide breadth of colors. Cadillac needs to step it up in this regard. It’s outclassed.

      • I’ll take mine in white, maybe even the new Summit white. I just wish they offered a rich, dark red leather interior to go with it. I’m a conservative guy I only buy white Cadillac (17 so far) and Red Corvettes.

      • The color is gorgeous. I had it on my ’03 CTS(Copper Sunburst) and again in ’08 CTS (Hot Lava). If Caddie wants younger buyers we want color.

    • I really like the color. It looks really nice on that car. It’s certainly not the first time Cadillac offered orange as a color option. They did it in the 70s. I liked it also.

  2. At least they did not offer ‘Lemom Yellow’. Colors have never been easy for GM. In the 70’s black was not available one year on Cadillac, Oldsmobile Ninetyeights, and Buick’s Electras.

  3. Looks good in that color!

  4. Looks like a great alternative to the other two reds and garnet.

  5. How close to Sebring Orange on the ‘vette?


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