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SRX Headlight Problems, Issues

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    Zero coverage in Canada, the reply to my letter was, that it`s a different corporation in Canada, hence, zero support on headlight replacement. The condensation inside my headlight fixtures has turned into icicles…


    I too own a 2016 SRX with the same headlight problem. Just sent an email with the repair quote to the email address mention above. I’ll update once I receive a response.


    I submitted all my receipts in Sep last year. Because of delays in receiving parts as a result of the current pandemic, my repairs were completed in Sep. After submitting my paper, I have not received my reimbursement. When I call, I am told my payment is going out at the end of the month. It is now May and I have yet to receive my reimbursement. When I returned to the dealership, they were unable to render any assistance in this matter. Is there a way to reach out to the Judge to report this organization. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    I just purchased a 2013 SRX and took it out at night for a drive. I thought I had done something to the headlights because I thought they were turned off. I came back home and looked on the internet to see what I needed to do to get them turned on and to my surprise, I see all these issues with the headlights. OMG, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I purchased this vehicle from a private party who by the way said the car was great with no issues. He forgot to tell me you couldn’t drive it a night. Now I’m not sure what to do. If you take it to the dealer and have them replace the headlights will it fix the problem?


    There’s a great video on YouTube about how to seal the headlights your self,he did it and did not have a problem yet after 4 years!!!!


    I bought a 2014 early this year and noticed the low beams were dim and getting dimmer, They were a dull orange color. I had my mechanic replace the bulbs only with LED type bubs he bought at Autozone for about $180 each. The total bill was under $400 and the low beams are fine now.


    2013 Cadillac SRX dim Headlights: The latest information I got from calling GM Divisional Office 800-333-4223 was I had to take my SRX to a Cadillac dealer for a diagnostic check of headlights to determined is headlights are bad. I called a local dealer, diagnostic check is $135.00, if a wiring issue is required, a charge of $135.00 an hour is also assessed! IF headlights are determined to be bad and in need of replacement I would have to pay out of pocket for diagnostic check, possible wiring check and cost of new headlights and labor. New headlights and labor approx. $1,800. I was to submit paperwork to GM Divisional Headquarters for a possible reimbursement consideration. I was informed no guarantee on reimbursement only consideration.


    Has anyone actually solved the issue with these headlights? I have purchased new headlight assemblies from Amazon and also put in new LED bulbs but the problem still persists. The bed bulbs still don’t project out at all. Cannot drive at night. I purchased my 2014 SRX from a used car lot 11/17/20


    I recently bought a 2011 SRX with the same headlight problem as everyone else. The Cadillac dealership told me that the lights were not replaced during the window where GM was reimbursing & that GM will still pay $500 towards replacing them but they are over $600 for each headlight at the dealership & I didn’t even ask how much installation would be! I’ve been trying to figure out if GM will reimburse my cost for buying them off of Amazon where the price is affordable in comparison but still expensive! Ridiculous that GM was not held accountable long term to replace all of the headlights regardless of time frame!

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    Go to Rock Auto and order there. I got them for a fraction of the cost and my dealership was willing to install them. I didn’t trust my regular car guy for this job. If you have a good mechanic, he could do it.
    Good luck, I thought I was going blind before I replaced mine. I missed the GM windoow because of Covid (they sent the notice when everything shut down) and GM refused to honor the letter.


    I already bought them from Amazon. They cost around 440 for both of them with LED lights along the bottom & side & then I separately bought the best LED bulbs I could find for around 60 for 4 bulbs. My mechanic is great & he’s going to install them for me when they get here on Tuesday.


    For almost 2 years I have been waiting to be reimbursed for my 2 front headlights. I have submitted paperwork twice because I was told that the initial form was not descriptive enough. So I had my mechanic describe in detail everything on the work sheet/receipt. Now I have discovered that the “GM Class Action Lawsuit Gets Pulled From The Courtroom.” What happens next? Will there be another class action lawsuit on the SRX headlights?


    I installed myself. They denied my claim. Not going to buy another caddilac. Looking at Lincoln suvs

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    I have 2014 SRX Cad also. I was offered $800.00 for each headlamp to be replaced by my dealer. After talking to my dealer, I was told they would have to replace my headlamps with the same “faulty” system. GM was also asking me to sigh a “Claim and Release” form. If I would have signed that,I would not be able “participate in, any legal proceeding against GM. If you have that same offer, it would be to your advantage to read the offer very carefully.
    I have sent information to the NHTSA,( National Highway traffic Safety Administration(, hoping there will be a recall on the headlamps in the near future, before someone has a terrible accident while driving in the dark.
    From what I also understood, there was no warranty on the repair.You would also have to upfront the money and Gm would determine if you followed their required procedures. I hope this information helps.


    I have a 2015 SRX that headlights are so dim I can’t drive at night.
    I have spoken with my dealer that suggested I come in to have a evaluation and then if they deem warranted they will be replaced. I even have a bumper to bumper warranty and they can’t cover this issue because it is a Cadillac issue. NOTHING but a run around. This could take months before I can take my car out in the evening. Shame on GM and Cadillac!!!!!! Will not repurchase a cadillac!

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