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Take A Look At The Cadillac Optiq From Sketches To Reality

Take A Look At The Cadillac Optiq From Sketches To Reality

The 2025 Cadillac Optiq was recently unveiled, showing off its sporty profile and youthful appearance. But that design wasn’t born overnight, and recently, Caddy’s design team showed off the extensive – and artful – process from sketch to sculpture to finished product, allowing a rare glimpse behind the curtain of automotive design. 

A series of posts on social media showcase the creative work behind the Cadillac Optiq, including concept sketches, renderings, and life-size prototypes made of clay. It all began as a concept drawing with exaggerated proportions such as a swept A-pillar, large wheels, a high (and flat) beltline, and a fastback-like profile. While it may look more like something out of a science fiction film than a vehicle on its way to production, the concept sketch acted as a baseline to establish a design direction.

Once the basic framework was established, designers moved on to creating computerized renderings with more realistic proportions. Here, the luxury electric crossover began to take form, looking more and more like what ultimately made it to the production line. 

From here, sculptors created a scaled-down clay model of the Optiq. This small model acted as a basis for the full-size model, which is built using machining tools that aid in making the clay vehicle as realistic and precise as possible. Sculptors then began tooling the finer details by hand before wrapping the vehicle and installing its wheels.

These photos were taken at the GM Design Center inside the GM Design Dome in Warren. Interestingly, the Cadillac Optiq model was only half-built, placed flush against a mirror to create the illusion that it was carved whole. 

The real-life 2025 Cadillac Optic, which slots under the Lyriq as Cadillac’s smallest electric crossover thus far, boasts the luxury marque’s signature EV styling wrapped up in a lithe, fastback-like profile. It features a fixed-glass roof, a black crystal “grille” with a laser-etched pattern, and its rear quarter window sports a unique set of horizontal graphics that lend a sense of forward motion to the luxury crossover even while it’s standing still. Inside, it features a 33-inch LED infotainment display, along with standard safety features, Google built-in compatibility, advanced radar and ultrasonic sensor tech, and a standard 19-speaker AKG Audio System with Dolby Atmos. 

Production-ready 2025 Cadillac Optiq

As for power, the Optiq features a standard dual-motor all-wheel-drive powertrain delivering 300 horsepower and 354 pound-feet of torque. From a full charge, the luxury electric crossover is good for an estimated 300-mile driving range. Pricing will start at $54,000, including destination freight charges.

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  1. The Cadillac Optiq is way over Priced at $54,000, however somebody will fork over the cash for it!

    • Most foreign imports cost much more than $54,000 bit there are thousands of foolish U.S. buyers that pay for them, instead of spending that money locally and keeping our U.S. worker jobs.

    • Actually it’s not overpriced. Look at the market. It’s a luxury car.

  2. The Optiq is a great looking car/SUV, but its electric. Sales of EV has slowed and don’t show any signs of speeding up. In my opinion, the general public is not ready for EVs. I’m not. I would consider a hybrid, but Cadillac doesn’t offer one. I hope they reconsider that decision before they lose it all.


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