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We Render What The Electric Cadillac Escalade Might Look Like

We Render What The Electric Cadillac Escalade Might Look Like

Way back in July 2019, Cadillac Society was the first to report that the upcoming electric Cadillac Escalade will have around 400 miles of driving range. Since then, we’ve learned more details about the vehicle, including key details like the platform it will ride on as well as the manufacturing location. In addition, the luxury marque recently trademarked the names Escalade IQ and Escalade IQL earmarked for the Escalade electric. And now, our team rendered the electric Cadillac Escalade, giving us an idea of what the luxury SUV could look like once it’s made into a fully-electric vehicle.

This electric Cadillac Escalade rendering is based on the fifth-generation luxury SUV, which was all-new for the 2021 model year. Our depiction retains the upright front fascia treatment and commanding presence of its current ICE-powered counterpart, but look closely and you’ll notice various details that set it apart. 

While the front end resembles that of the real-world fifth-generation Escalade, we did give it a bunch of cues from the upcoming 2023 Cadillac Lyriq, the luxury marque’s first battery-electric vehicle. Note the LED lights integrated into the fascia, as well as the narrow headlights that tie our electric Escalade into Cadillac’s electric design aesthetic. 

The side profile doesn’t differ from that of the ICE-powered Escalade, featuring the same traditional greenhouse, roof and window treatments, black wheels, black trim, and black window surrounds that accent the SUV’s confident stance.

We carried the EV design cues to the rear end of our electric Cadillac Escalade, integrating sleek, narrow, vertically-oriented taillights with a horizontal formation at the middle of the liftgate. Comparatively, the real-life Escalade features vertical taillights without the extensions onto the rear hatch. 

We also elected to include a set of faux exhaust tips on our Escalade EV. Since EVs don’t have exhaust systems like their ICE-powered counterparts, these tips serve no functional purpose. However, we think they add a little more visual impact to the electric Escalade’s rear fascia. 

With all that said, it’s highly likely that the production-intent electric Cadillac Escalade will look quite a bit different than our renderings, since it will be a completely different vehicle than the ICE model. That’s because the Cadillac EV will ride on the new BT1 platform that’s very different in terms of structure and the resulting vehicle appearance from the T1 architecture that underpins the current, fifth-gen Escalade.

The Escalade EV will also use Ultium batteries and Ultium Drive electric motors. As we mentioned earlier, engineers are gunning for a 400 mile driving range, and the vehicle is expected to debut around the 2023 calendar year as the Escalade IQ as the regular length model and Escalade IQL as the extended-length version.

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  1. What is everyone’s best guess when electric vehicles will be widespread and popular? I think it will be at least 25 years if ever!

  2. 3 to 5 years. People want to reduce maintenance and have more interior space than ICE gives. Plus who would not like to start everyday with a full tank and not have to go to the dirty gas stations.
    ICE had its time, it is now time for better technology and that is BEVs.

    • Spoken like a true believer.


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