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Cadillac Crossovers Destroyed On Dealer Lot In Street Racer Crash: Video

Cadillac Crossovers Destroyed On Dealer Lot In Street Racer Crash: Video

Pushing the limits and driving fast can be a lot of fun on a racetrack, but done on the street, the results can be disastrous. Unfortunately, that’s a lesson this particular driver had to learn the hard way after losing control and crashing into a Cadillac dealership, destroying seven Cadillac crossovers in the process.

Highlighted in the following three-minute, 20-second video, this video comes to us from Tampa Bay, Florida, and was posted late last month. According to comments made during the video, the crash happened around 3:30 a.m., when a Nissan 350Z lost control while traveling at excessive speed, flying into a line of Cadillac crossovers parked on a dealership lot.

The damage is nothing short of catastrophic, looking like something out of a disaster movie. Exact details on the crash are unavailable, but looking over the line of destroyed Cadillac crossovers, it appears as though the Nissan 350Z  was speeding down the road adjacent to the dealership when the driver lost control and hit the curb, sending the Nissan flying into the air and tumbling into parked vehicles, including several Cadillac XT4 and XT5 models.

Some of the Cadillac crossovers are ripped open, the roofs and doors twisted up like crushed soda cans. The Nissan eventually came to a rest on its roof, then burst into flames.

According to the YouTube user who posted the video, the driver in the Nissan walked away with only minor scratches, which, if true, is an absolute miracle. The speed with which the small Japanese coupe collided with the Cadillac crossovers was obviously immense, and add in the fire, and well, odds of surviving something like this are quite slim.

Check out the full extent of the carnage in the video below:

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  1. He must pay for all that damage because he was speeding, which caused it. This was NOT an “accident”!

  2. Maybe I can have a couple headlight assemblies for my SRX since Cadillac won’t stand behind them.

  3. Oh the agony. Time for some “physical therapy” to be given out to the driver that did it

  4. Hard to believe anyone could walk away from a crash like that !!!

  5. Do Not pass GO, Do Not collect 200 dollars. DEPOSIT 550,000 DOLLARS !!!

  6. I work at the dealership that this occurred. In fact, this is MY video and MY photographs. The driver had minor injuries and was sitting waiting for the police to show up. He said he was going 80 MPH….more like 180 MPH. He went airborne after going up the driveway and first took out the car that was up on the ramp. He rolled with it and dropped it between two cars, 4 cars away. I have more photographs. The security camera’s quality was very bad. You can see the dust from all the air bags exploding then you see the driver run to the side of the building. Must have thought it might blow up. He did not enough Property Damage coverage to pay for the damage he caused.

  7. That is a record for a vehicle brand new sitting at the dealership lot to be totaled.

    Let’s hope the idiot loses his driving privilege for a long time. That could of happen anywhere and anytime with people present. We need dangerous driver’s like this off the roads.


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