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Cadillac Unveils Next-Generation User Experience Technology

Cadillac Unveils Next-Generation User Experience Technology

Cadillac has unveiled its next-generation user experience technology. Critically, the new tech was developed in conjunction with Rightpoint and Territory Studio, two companies from outside the automotive industry.

“In designing the user interface for Cadillac, we started with a vision but recognized that we were going to need a fresh perspective and new ways of thinking to turn it into a reality,” said Bill Thompson, senior manager, User Interface Design, at Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors. “That’s where Rightpoint and Territory Studio come into the picture. Both teams are incredibly talented and brought a new perspective that enabled us to design a personalized and elegant user-focused experience.”

Territory Studio offers a background in narrative design for gaming, film, and brands, while Rightpoint brought experience in strategy, design, and technology.

Cadillac Lyriq show car

Cadillac Lyriq show car

Cadillac says that the upcoming all-electric Lyriq crossover, which debuted in near-production-ready show car form last year, carries the torch for the luxury marque’s user experience design direction, as seen in the crossover’s 33-inch diagonal advanced LED display.

Cadillac’s latest user experience technology aims to provide a “flexible, high-end user experience with display themes to fit the driver’s mood and personality.”

Indeed, as Cadillac moves forward with a swath of new all-electric products, features like the infotainment user experience are critical in tying it all together. In order to foster a futuristic brand image and the right response from customers, the future Cadillac EVs will need more than just cutting-edge battery technology, drivetrain technology, and vehicle design – the way the customer interfaces with the vehicle inside the cabin will also play a major role in the overall customer experience.

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  1. I hope Cadillac has learned their lesson from launching the CUE, where it took about 5 years before they refined it to something much more usable for the driver! This new user interface needs to support the driver, not interfere with executing simple tasks or require searching multiple layers of screens to monitor basic vehicle information!


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