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Maryland Cadillac Dealership Offers Up Last CT6 Ever Built

Maryland Cadillac Dealership Offers Up Last CT6 Ever Built

Cadillac stopped building the CT6 at its Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant back in January of this year – spelling the end of the road for the short-lived luxury sedan. Now GM fans have the opportunity to own the last CT6 to roll off the production line at the factory after the vehicle popped up for sale at Fitzgerald Cadillac in Frederick, Maryland.

The last CT6, which has the VIN 1G6KB5RS9LU112140, is painted Satin Steel Metallic (production code G9K) and features a Jet Black interior (production code 4AA) and the naturally aspirated 3.6L V6 engine (production code LGX). A Luxury trim model, it is modestly equipped and features the available Driver Awareness Package (production code HS1), which adds the Safety Alert Seat, Following Distance Indicator, Forward Collision Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking and other active safety goodies.

Fitzgerald Cadillac was originally asking $60,805 for the privilege of owning the last CT6, but it has since lowered the price to $58,805. The Cadillac CT6 has not been flying off dealer lots since going out of production earlier this year, but perhaps the unique backstory behind this final example will help it attract a buyer sooner rather than later.

The last CT6 may have already rolled off the line at Detroit-Hamtramck, but the sedan remains in production at GM’s Jinqiao plant just outside of Shanghai, where numerous other Cadillac models are also built for local consumption. While sedan sales have largely been supplanted by crossovers and SUVs in North America, full-size four-doors like the CT6 remain popular in China.

For now, North American Cadillac customers who want a big sedan can look ahead to the new Celestiq – an upcoming electric four-door that will be hand-built by Cadillac and is expected to cost $200,000 or more.

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  1. I think Cadillac or GM have lost there way.Why discontinue the ct6 which people loved and also the xts. Now they have two little cars. That is not what Cadillacs were!!!! If they are having trouble selling the remaining ct6 for 60 thousand, what make you believe people will pay 200 thousand for a Cadillac. People are not stupied and I for one am done with Cadillac. To bad!!!!!!!!!!

    • @bob howard

      “Why discontinue the ct6 which people loved…..”

      “Loved” ???? Hardly. Check the sales figures Bob!

      “People are not stupied…” Are THEYE?

      “and I for one am done with Cadillac. To bad!!!!!!!!!!”
      It’s spelled “TOO”.

      • No need to be nasty.

      • Stupied what is that Greg? It’s spelled stupid you jerk.

    • dude, it appears as though that – you’re the “STUPID ONE” stupid is spelled stupid not stupied.

  2. We have had a 2017 & now a 2020 CT6/ We also had a 2013 XTS. All of these “BIG” sedans were what I expected from Cadillac. My wife till drives her 2002 DHS and has never had an issue with it.

    GM as a whole and Cadillac have forgotten what people want in a sedan. We don’t want a mid-size or compact car. If we did, we would all be driving some kind of rice burner. Not every American wants a pickup, cross-over or SUV. I know that I won’t be going for a $200K electric Caddy. Remember that GM/Cadillac cancelled the CT6 Hybrid due to LACK OF SALES. Ring any bells?!? I looked at a Tesla and by the time I put in the charging station at home, I was running $100K+ and didn’t have a car as comfortable as my 2017 CT6. I ordered my 2020 loaded and waited for 5 1/2 months for it/ My 2017 was sold the day we placed the order for the 2020.

    Perhaps GM/Cadillac need to review marketing and talk to current and past owners to see what they want.

    • $100K? Is that the asking price for your Tesla? P90D or P100D?

      • I think he’s adding up Tesla price, home charging station cost, and whatever other expenses he needs to gear up for e-car life.


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