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Lansing Grand River Plant To Add Second Shift For Cadillac CT4, CT5 Production

Lansing Grand River Plant To Add Second Shift For Cadillac CT4, CT5 Production

Cadillac’s parent company, General Motors, has just announced that it will add a second shift at the Lansing Grand River Assembly plant in order to support the launch of the two new Cadillac sedans – the CT4 and CT5. The addition of a second shift at the facility will result in the plant adding 400 new employees. The new shift will be operational in the second quarter of 2020.

Located in Lansing, Michigan, the Lansing Grand River assembly plant manufactures is GM’s second-newest assembly plant in the United States. It produces the Cadillac CT5 and CT4, as well as their V-series performance variants, on a single production line.

The plant received an investment worth $175 million in 2018 to modernize tooling and equipment for the all-new Cadillac CT4 and CT5 sedans.

The Cadillac CT5 is the luxury brand’s all-new D-segment entry to indirectly replace the ATS Sedan, thereby taking on the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Audi A4, Infiniti Q50, and Alfa Romeo Giulia. Meanwhile, the Cadillac CT4 represents a new entry into the luxury C-segment, where it will take on the likes of the Audi A3, Mercedes-Benz A-Class, and Acura ILX. Both, the CT4 and CT5 ride on Cadillac’s highly-acclaimed, rear-drive Alpha architecture.

The Cadillac CT5 launched in late December 2019 while the CT4 will go on same by the end of the first quarter of 2020. Production of the sedans for North America and various other markets, such as South Korea, Russia, Japan, and the Middle East, takes place at the Lansing Grand River Plant. Meanwhile, the vehicles are made at the Jinqiao Cadillac plant for the Chinese domestic market.

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  1. It’s not fair to imply that these new- hires are for the Cadillacs. While these will probably sell a bit better than the previous cars, at least in the near term, the Traverse and Enclave are also built at that plant. I think these are more the reason.

  2. The Traverse and Enclave are not built at this plant. They are built at the Lansing Delta township plant. The Camaro is built at Lansing Grand River along with the two Cadillacs.

  3. I hope Cadillac sells every CT5 and CT4 it can build and they probably will, but after a short time the advertising support slow down and eventually stop and the cars will stop selling. It what happened with the CTS and the CT6. Cadillac builds great cars (although I don’t think the CT5 or CT4 are great cars), but doesn’t advertise them and they die slow and painful death. If only Cadillac management would learn from past mistakes.

  4. Thank you Cadillac for the opportunity you gave the sedan models
    Because of your beloved sedan models like the CT6 CT 5 and CT4
    Thank You For Your Cooperation
    With Best Wishes & With Love From Mary Katrina Ellen Rolls

    • In China all cars, BMW. Cadillac etc have standard wheelbases and extended ones. Now the new CT5 will compete with the long base BMW 3 Series Etc and Cadillac will discontinue long wheelbases. Now back to U.S. They should of just ignored Asia and targeted the Ct4 against the 3 series and the Ct5 against the 5 series. That being said I do agree with V as a package and an aggressive ala Blackwing above it in the near future. Although Cadillac Has done some confusing Things launching these new products I believe Cadillac is heading in the right direction. They need to remember U.S. first.

  5. This tweener thing messes with my mind! Please help..
    The CT4 is the size of a BMW 3 Audi 4 but compeats with smaller cars? YES/NO.
    The CT5 is the size of a BMW5, MB E, Audi 6 but compeats with BMW 3, MB C, and Audi 4? YES/NO.

    The dead CT6 is size of BMW 7, MB S, and Audi 8 but compeats against the 5 , E and 6? YES/NO.

    please help………………

    • Yes.

  6. I read this article fully about the comparison of moost recent and previous technologies, it’s amazing article.


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