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2020 Cadillac CT6 Discontinues Sport Trim Level: Exclusive

2020 Cadillac CT6 Discontinues Sport Trim Level: Exclusive

When Cadillac refreshed the CT6 lineup for the 2019 model year, it introduced a new Sport trim level in accordance with its latest Y trim strategy. With one branch dedicated to sport/performance and the other dedicated to comfort/luxury, the Cadillac CT6 Sport took up a position along the former branch as a stepping stone to the CT6 V-Sport (later renamed to CT6-V). Now, however, with the 2020 model year changeover, the Cadillac CT6 Sport model is being discontinued.

With the departure of the Cadillac CT6 Sport, the remaining trim levels include the base-level Luxury, followed by Premium Luxury, Platinum, and the high-powered CT6-V.

Previously, the Cadillac CT6 Sport offered a unique trim-specific grille with a high-gloss black mesh and bright galvano surround. The front fascia was also equipped with a body-color front splitter, while the profile received black window liners (as compared to the chrome treatment seen on the other trims). Sport-specific 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels with an Ultra Bright Machined/Midnight Silver finish were found in the corners. The rear end wrapped it up with a body-color fascia extension.

Under the hood, the Cadillac CT6 Sport cradled the 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6 engine (production code LGW), which delivered 404 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. That engine is also going away for the 2020 CT6.

Cadillac CT6 - 2019 vs. 2020 MY Trim Levels
Trims: Luxury Premium Luxury Sport Platinum V
2019 CT6: Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
2020 CT6: Yes Yes No Yes Yes

According to Cadillac representative Stefan Cross, the discontinuation of the Cadillac CT6 Sport enables the automaker to add new standard content elsewhere in the lineup.

“We decided to streamline the trim offerings, and are only offering Luxury, Premium Luxury, Platinum and V-Series,” Cross said in an interview with Cadillac Society. “This has allowed us to increase the standard content we offer on each trim. For example, Super Cruise is now standard on Premium Luxury. The new standard content features high penetrating options that are in most demand from customers.”

Cross provided us with a full list of the newly standard features for the remainder of the Cadillac CT6 trim lineup, which is as follows:

Luxury (3.6L V6 LGX)

  • Driver Awareness Package (Forward Collision Alert, Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, etc.)
  • Convenience Package (UltraView panoramic sunroof, Heated Front Seats, IntelliBeam, Navigation, Automatic Seat Belt Tightening)

Premium Luxury (3.6L V6 LGX)

  • Super Cruise
  • Driver Assist Package (Adaptive Cruise Control, Night Vision, Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking)
  • Active Chassis Package (Magnetic Ride Control, Active Rear Steer, 20-inch wheels)
  • Rear Seat Package (rear infotainment system, quad-zone climate control)
  • Comfort & Technology Package (Rear Camera Mirror, Ventilated Front Seats, 12-inch gauge cluster)
  • Bose Panaray sound system (34 speakers)

Platinum with Super Cruise (4.2TT Blackwing V8 LTA)

  • 20-inch wheels
  • V-Series (4.2TT Blackwing V8)
  • Driver Assist Package (Adaptive Cruise Control, Night Vision, Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking)

While we’re certainly disappointed to see the Cadillac CT6 Sport get the axe, we have a feeling we’ll see its return sometime later, possibly for the 2021 model year. After all, not all luxury customers want all that shiny chrome on their large sedan.

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  1. It looks to me that the Y-Trim strategy still exists with the Platinum being the shiny one and the V being the blacked out one. They both have a Blackwing although the V could be up-rated to 550hp instead of 500hp in the Platinum. Other than swapping the grille and adding some trim plus adding 10% more horsepower and some cachet, what else will the V have that the Platinum doesn’t have other than summer performance tires, suspension tuning, and engine tuning profiles? Hopefully the price differential won’t be too great since most of that stuff is programming and not hard parts, other than the up-rated engine.

    • Brembo brakes, mech. Locking diff, active exhaust, tuned mag. Suspention. Horse power n torque. And the v badge! Lol

    • I was under the impression the Platinum is the highest trim with the most amenities. Then the V with 50 extra hp.

  2. Ever changing Cadillac strategy.

  3. This makes a lot of sense. It rationalizes the CT6 and gives each trim level a purpose. I’m still anxious to see pricing and availability.

  4. I wonder if they are still NOT going to offer Super Cruise, Panaray, and Semi Analine leather on the 2020 CT6 V…….

    • I’ve heard (but a while ago) that SuperCruise would not make it on the CT6-V much the sane as Adaptive Cruise Control was not in the CTS-V. Nonetheless most other Premium level trim items made it onto the CTS-V so why would these nice bits not be included in a $100k car.

  5. I hope the body kit comes on the platinum. It really ties the car together.

    • Even if it does, it will still wear all those shiny bits that the Sport trim blacked out. Sport needs to return… they need to follow the Y trim strategy that every other Cadillac follows after 2019.

  6. I have a ’19 Sport and love it. It’s definitely needed in the future lineup between the “base” and the V-Sport (which is $25,000 more expensive).

    Without the sport, I think Caddy will lose some customers who don’t love the luxury-trim and its chrome and softer features. I like the more aggressive feel of the Sport, but don’t need either 550hp or the extra cost.


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