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Spotify Comes To Cadillac Infotainment Systems As Standalone App

Spotify Comes To Cadillac Infotainment Systems As Standalone App

Spotify users are now able to use the streaming service in Cadillac vehicles through a new, standalone app integrated directly into the vehicles’ infotainment system. Notably, the app doesn’t require a smartphone or other devices, pairing via  Bluetooth or plugging in using a cord.

Here’s how it all works: users install the Spotify app from the CUE Collection (Cadillac App Shop) directly onto the vehicle’s infotainment system and log into their Spotify premium account. From there, the app works like the Spotify mobile app.

Users will see five icons at the top of the home screen:

  • Home
  • Recently Played
  • Library
  • Browse
  • Mini Player

The Spotify app also takes advantage of being in a Cadillac by offering recommendations focused on driving, recommending content for road trips, a daily commute to work and songs perfect for singing along to with friends or family.

Better yet, the Spotify app in Cadillacs integrates directly with the vehicle, including the Driver Information Center (the area between the speedometer and tachometer), and its built-in presets, enabling users to set Spotify playlists or artists as preset/favorite stations, and seamlessly switch between Spotify and other music playback options, such as FM radio.

The Spotify app is available now for vehicles with the CUE 3.0 infotainment system, which currently include the ATS/ATS-V, CTS/CTS-V and XTS. It will arrive for the 2019 Cadillac CT6 in the near future, along with other models (such as the Escalade) thereafter.

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