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Cadillac To Cease Reporting Monthly U.S. Sales Results

Cadillac To Cease Reporting Monthly U.S. Sales Results

Cadillac will no longer report sales results on a monthly basis for the United States market, instead switching to a quarterly reporting schedule.

The development is a result of a recently-announced decision made by Cadillac parent company, General Motors, to report U.S. vehicle sales results on a quarterly, rather than a monthly, basis. Despite decades of monthly sales reporting by General Motors, Cadillac, as well as the rest of the automotive industry, GM believes that a 30-day window is no longer good enough.

“Thirty days is not enough time to separate real sales trends from short-term fluctuations in a very dynamic, highly competitive market,” said Kurt McNeil, U.S. vice president of Sales Operations at General Motors. “Reporting sales quarterly better aligns with our business, and the quality of information will make it easier to see how the business is performing.”

The change goes into effect in April 2018, meaning that we won’t see sales figures for April, or for any subsequent months. Instead, we’ll see reporting on the following schedule:

  • Second quarter 2018 sales results, which include sales from April, May and June, will be released on July 3rd, 2018
  • Third quarter 2018 sales results, which include sales from July, August and September, will be released on October 2nd, 2018
  • Fourth quarter 2018 sales results, which include sales from October, November and December, will be released on January 3rd, 2019

Cadillac Society is working with various colleagues and partners to bring our readers Cadillac sales numbers for all markets where the brand does business on a monthly basis.

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