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    Hey! I live up in Toronto and bought my 2016 elr from a wonderful Cadillac dealership called Germaine Cadillac. I purchased it pre-owned in 2019 with really low mileage, like 15000 miles. It’s probably around 65000 total traveled today. The winter before last I thought I may have had that issue you’re talking about. I was living in Toronto at that time and simultaneously had a bad service experience with the local Cadillac dealership – couldn’t get a word in edgewise with a Frontline mainland Chinese service advisor(i know because im also Chinese, but Cantonese from Hong Kong – the dynamic between us from Hong Kong and those from China is somewhat similar to being Parisian from Paris and the rest of France… )… that single interaction with that service advisor’s arrogance assuming my level of competence with concerns i had of the vehicle was so unsavory for me there was no arguing I just left without looking back, thankfully in that exact same period moveing to a smaller city in Ontario where the smaller city’s Cadillac dealership (shout out to Jack Mcgee’s Cadillac in Peterborough and their wonderful service advisor’s!!) Assisted me with my no heat in car issue. The car just wouldn’t generate any heat for the cabin, no matter what I tried. Preconditioning using electrical while hooked up to my level 2 charger, driving using the ice, even furiously at high rpm on mountain mode watching coolant temperate get hot, and car even overheating once or twice, and Even running the ice forcing it in hold mode to give me heat nothing was working.

    Jack Mcgee’s service department listened to all my concerns and listened to my experience as I would experience it. Communicated everything to the technician, even with my suspicions that it may well need a new heating core, or heat exchanger, or needing new pump because I kept hearing sloshing liquids flowing around under the dash and hood. I braced myself and expected the worst that any or all of those items could be malfunctioning and needing replacement.

    This was my conclusion from reading that many volt owners sometimes would go through what I was regarding lack of heat being able to reach the cabin when requested from the climate controls.

    So that one morning i dropped off my car for service, i did all the above explanations … that same day in the afternoon, to my relief, I heard from my new dealership in Peterborough.

    They were so happy for me and that the vehicle needed nothing new at all to remedy the problem with lack of heat, as i was happy with their ability in assisting me through this and solving my problem. The service advisor on the phone said we just topped up your coolant in one of the heat exchanging systems and voila, engine wouldn’t overheat, engine coolant temperature was consistent, cabin climate control became effective immediately, and I still to this day now than a year later and going through, now my second winter since that visit with the dealership, have had no issues getting a nice warm toasty cabin, and have never had to replace or repair any parts!

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed, hoping it stays this way: the usage of this vehicle still remains Trouble free for me, and I continue driving it without requiring replacements of all the previous items I suspected that could be malfunctioning. …

    Sorry my reply to your post has been as long as a university degree’s final paper…. I hope maybe if you’re experiencing the lack of heat in cabin, there could be the possibility the problem perhaps could essentially be as simple a remedy as mine has been!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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