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XT6 Cross Bars- I gave up

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    I wanted cross bars when I bought my XT6, and the dealer said “no problem I’ll just order them.” Nope. The Cadillac Parts Manager said he cannot order or backorder them, so I went on a quest.

    I placed no less than for orders from 4 different “Giant GM Part” places, and two dealers- one being Rick Hendrick- a giant GM dealer in the Southeast. All of them had the crossbar set “in stock”, all took the order, and all refunded my money a day or two later. I followed up with phone calls, left messages – no return calls. Searching on the Internet- these have been a long time problem of availability.

    I waited about 60 days, and checked again with my dealer- no dice. The OEM Cross Bars are simply not to be found. So I bought some on e-Bay, that said they were a PERFECT FIT. So I ordered them- they were very nice- even had a Cadillac logo on them. One problem- they were about 1/2″ short of reaching the distance between the rails. After some e-mails, and phone calls, them making me send measurements and photos, and them insisting that they were correct, I sent them back, at my expense. I got a credit.

    So, now I ordered and received Rhino Rack crossbars. They are not exactly like the OEM ones- they are higher, and protrude very slightly beyond the “towers”- BUT I think they look good. Highly-polished aluminum, removable, and locking. Strong! I bough them from E-Trailer out of Wentzville MO, who were extremely helpful. Call Kaylyn R. at 1-800-298-1624- she researched Yakima, Thule, and Rhino Rack to determine which would be most attractive-
    “I am happy to further assist you. I double checked that these are the ones that are confirm to fit your vehicle. I not only checked my fit guide but I also checked the manufacturer’s website. These are the most quiet bars you will receive. There will still be some noise as these weren’t OEM crossbars but they are quieter than the round or square bars.

    If you have any questions, you can reach me directly at 636-887-9368 or by email at [email protected].”

    So she’s now the XT6 expert at E-Trailer. Cost was about $ 470 for the 2-bar kit: part numbers at

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