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Cadillac XT5 Lease price change

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    I ordered an Cadillac XT5 in September. It came in last week. I gave them information for the lease and they told me on Friday that I was approved and when did I want delivery.I asked for the monthly lease price first. Monday I was given the price for both 10k and 12k miles and opted for the 12k. I got the insurance on the vehicle and gave them all the information they needed and was waiting to set up a time for delivery. I received a call a few hours later and their “business manager” said there was a mistake in the monthly payment. It was actually $90/month more! He said it was due to my credit score which was 20 points below +1A. Why didn’t they know that before they quoted me the first price. And it made that much of a difference? I asked to see the papers and I am still waiting for them (Wednesday).

    While I was waiting for the vehicle, I found one on a lot at another dealer. That didn’t go well either. They weren’t forthcoming and they added a couple of after market items without my knowing it.

    I am now buying my current Jeep since my lease is over. I was so excited to get the Cadillac XT5, but now I am more than disappointed and can’t trust any dealership. Any suggestions?


    Be happy with your Jeep.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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