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Waiting for parts for my 2022 XT4

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    Waiting for parts for my 2022 XT4. It’s missing the electronic chips to operate the steering wheel and the heated seats and the rear parking radar. Anyone have any news from GM or Cadillac about this?


    I was told something similar for my ordered XT6. It has been “ready to ship” since March 25. I’m not sure why Cadillac is so difficult to obtain clear information.


    Just got my chips installed for my seats.Still waiting for heated steering wheel


    The weird thing is that they told me everything arrived and then it turned out to be defective and I had to wait again.


    I have been waiting almost one year from the purchase of my new vehicle. Funny thing, when I test drove and agreed to purchase, this wasnt mentioned to me from the dealer, and then at POS, you know, after the deal was done and they had my money, I get “oh by the way – did anyone tell you….” too late. I rec’d a promise of install/retrofit by “summer” I recevied a letter from Cadillac assuring same, “retrofit” asap. I am beyond frustrated that this is not complete. Cadillac is non-responsive, and Im wondering, is it time for lawsuit? I mean how can the new vehicles have these features and we remain in “wait and see” mode, with no communication and no follow up – just broken promises. If I had known this at Point of Purchase, I wouldn’t have bought the vehicle, thats 100% honesty.


    Bought my 2022 xt4 in March of 2022. I got my heated seats that Sept. but still waiting in steering wheel and park assist. No word on when chip will be in frustrating my car is almost 1 year old. Maybe they should just refund us money


    Been waiting since June of last year for the chips to operate the heated steering wheel and seats. Called GM and they assured me the dealership had a list and I’m on it. Called the dealership (again) and they said they do indeed have a list, but just don’t have the inventory. I’m thinking either they get this fixed or compensate me — or. maybe get it fixed AND compensate me for the inconvenience.


    Time to file a complaint and pursue the lemon law in your state. That will get their attention as clearly you did not get the fully functional car you ordered. GM dealer installed all of our missing chips a few months ago. Tell the dealer you are pursuing the buy back / lemon law if they don’t have the parts. Give them a few days and if they still have no idea, them get the ball rolling. I test drove a 2024 XT4 and it had all the working parts. Its a disgrace that they are producing new cars but not notifying previous customers of the chip availability.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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