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    Where are you all? No interest in telling car enthusiasts agout your sensational car, the STS-V? the car that Cadillac executives at the time said to me that it was hands-down the best car Cadillac had ever produced? I bought mine from the first production, in July 2006, platinum/black. Throuigh relationships at Cadillac I paid what I think they called GMX price, what GM executives pay – list was seventy-something thousand and my cost was just under sixty thousand. But at the time I was buying, GM was offering five-year interest-free financing so I saved an additional ten thousand plus. My daily driver at the time was a Ford Taurus SHO, another great car. Two years later I broke down, gave the Ford to my step-daughter and bought a 2008 CTS. I have treated my STS-V as a collector car and two years ago had under 12,000 mile (the CTS has over 80K miles). Two truly great cars.

    Let’s hear from you guys and girls.


    Hello Intrepid

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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