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Sub standard defective q screens

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    Is there anything new happening on a recall for the SRX defective Q screens. Repairing them is pointless, they will still continue to fail. Why have they not stepped up to fix this inferior infernal part? Asking for a friend. Thanks for now.

    Stanley Montanye

    We bought a 2015 SRX used in 2016. The dealership replaced the Que screen, under warranty, for non-responsive touch screen. Approximately two years later we noticed a spider web forming in the corner of the screen. Unfortunately the dealership would not replace the screen for less than $1200. They only warrantied the new part for a year? Is there any suggestions on how I can be added to the class action law suit?


    How I can be added to the class action law suit TOO?

    James Nondorf

    To me if you are seeing a spiderweb in the corner i would think that it was an installation error and the corner was not mounted correctly causing it to fracture.


    I have a 2014 SRX also. My cue system has been replaced about 4 years ago by Cadillac. I AGAIN have a non-responsive screen. I am very disappointed in Cadillac for such a poor quality system. I plan to get another one because otherwise, I love my car. Hopefully, Cadillac will refund for these poorly built systems in a beautiful car. People laugh when they ride in my CADILLAC!!! NO OPERATIVE RADIO SYSTEM, CD, NAVIGATION SYSTEM… SHOULD I CONTINUE?


    Just replaced my SRX CUE screen with part from CUEscreens.com. $225 including 40 minute installation by vendor-recommended shop in LV and a lifetime warranty. Cadillac dealer charged $175 just to tell me what I already knew and then wanted another $1,950 to install a new screen that would not last either. It is basically just a bad computer monitor, not the whole bloody computer that is broken! GM/Cadillac did not make any points with this owner. Also warned my LV-based sister her Buick is not far behind and she should check this alternative before even going to Buick when, not if, hers goes bad.


    I drive a Cadillac that looks practically brand new. It’s 2013. But can’t use Q screen. It’s ridiculous. Mine has like a spiderweb crack look at the top.


    I purchase a Cadillac 2014 Luxury SRX in March 2019 and shortly after (nov 2019) I started to get the spider web on my cuescreen. Researched the item and found on Amazon via Cuescreens.com. Part was priced reasonably and I purchased one. After viewing YouTube suggestion on replacing, I realized it was more than I thought it would be to replace it myself, so i tried to locate a vendor to replace, which wasn’t easy. I finally contacted CUEScreen.com and they provided a vendor. The vendor estimated the cost to replace the screen would be $175.00 since I had purchased the replacement already. While I thought I had purchased the right screen replacement, the vendor, after disassembling the screen, informed me that while the part I purchased was for Cadillac SRX, it was not the correct one for my SRX because I had the luxury edition. Coincidently, he happened to have the correct one available at an additional cost of $112.00. Total cost for the repair $312.84. Which all things considered was actually pretty reasonable. But he did insist on keeping the screen I purchase for replacement which added another $40.00 to the total. When you need to have this work done, be sure to check with the installer first for the correct screen you need to order, in order to save money. Cadillac should be ashamed for installing this inferior product in these otherwise good vehicles, and it is reprehensible that the inflated cost for replacing these screens is so costly.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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