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SRX Toe Link Recall Semantics

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    My 2016 SRX steering out of control while I was driving on the highway in June 2021. I almost crashed. I fought the steering for the next few hours just to get home. I took it into the dealership right away. Also the alignment was way off, the steering wheel was oriented 1/4 to the right. I was told it was the toe link and had to be replaced immedialtely along with an alignment. Now the GM customer care person wants to split hairs and tell me the recall is for the toe link adjuster not the toe link although the symptoms were exactly as described by GM in the recall. I think a class action lawsuit needs to be filed. I am interested to know if others have run into this same nonsense?


    I have the same problem. I can’t get my car aligned because the toe links are none adjustable. Already ruined two tires on the rear. I filed a claim with caddilac. Have to take it back to dealer from them to look.


    I have the same problem,and more I was putting things in my rear door and it started closing on my head if some guys hadn’t ran over to help me I think it would have cut off my head, they were pushing up with everything they had. My front floor board on passenger side has water in it everytime it rains. We replaced the thing in the back that was filled with water but didn’t stop it. I have a electrical shortage they is now cause the blinkers not to work, radio to go on and off, every light in on on the dashboard,and going up a hill I fill like I need to get out and push. In the last year I have replaced the battery twice. Yes I have contacted Cadillac and took it to dealership 2 in one year and 5 times in all. The woman came on my car a few months ago and said car was on fire, she stayed on the phone with me untill I got home. Everytime I take it to the dealership it cost me. Wake up Cadillac, SRX 2010 I am disabled and can’t afford to buy another car.


    I also had the toe link recall done. Since it is an non adjustable part my tires have worn past the ware bar in about 5,000 miles. Cadillac, what are you doing about this issue?


    How do you file a claim with Cadillac?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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