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Possible headlight problem fix…

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    Kelly Dawn

    I inherited my mom’s 2011 Cadillac SRX and recently received a reimbursement check for over $3500 due to the headlight problem which even though went into service for resolving ended up not being fixed. When I began driving the car, the left side headlights were out, both high and low. My husband is very mechanically-inclined and had done the mechanical and electrical work on our vehicles plus his job as an aviation technician. He did some research and poked around a bit on my car. He ordered a new ballast for the left side but had some ideas already about the moisture issue. We set up a weekend for him to take the whole front end off and really get into the problem. He found that aside from needing to moisture-proof both headlight fixtures including ballasts, he thinks he also uncovered another part of the problem. Due to the way the headlights swivel at night when turning corners, there is a situation created where the wiring is impinged when the headlight fixtures swivel, thereby cutting off or shortcircuiting the lights. When service people are working on the cars to resolve the issue and change out the headlights and ballasts, they are doing this work in the daylight and he doubts they take the time to drive the ‘repaired’ vehicle around at night incorporating the swivel mechanism. They would likely just turn on the lights while it’s sitting there and once see that they come on, just write it off as fixed. Then, the car owner begins to drive it around with eventually engaging the nighttime swivel action and the wiring impingment happens again. Not sure how many times it takes for the wiring to become damaged again and mess up the headlights but eventually it’s the same result of no driving at night.
    He took a full 3 days going over every inch of the front end and headlight set up; water proofing the fixtures on both sides, replaced the ballast on the left side and, we hope, figuring out a way to stop the light wiring from being impinged when the swivel action occurrs. It’s been about a month since he fixed it and I’ve been driving at night without any reoccurrence so far. I hope that it’s resolved permanently but I can’t help but think that with what seems like his pinpointing the core problem, we may be okay from now on. Perhaps someone else has already put this info out there but I hadn’t seen anything in my search so thought it couldn’t hurt to put the info out there. I will monitor my Caddie and inform on the forum if this repair doesn’t end up being permanent. Wish us luck!

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    I have had Cadillac replace my entire headlamp system on my 2014 srx and my headlamps are dim again🤬

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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