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Lyriq pricing begins at $60,000

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    Raymond J Ramirez

    Today, GM Authority posted that the Cadillac Lyriq pricing will begin at $60,000.
    With some extra options, it may go over $70,000. I have begun to save for this EV now and I have three more years to buy it.


    I wonder how soon when they will start accepting pre-orders?

    Raymond J Ramirez

    The common GM practice is to open ordering as soon as production begins. The expected date would be in September 2021 or later.


    The tech-forward interior will feature a large 33-inch widescreen LED display that serves as both the driver’s display and the central infotainment system. When playing the radio will the sirius music show the picture of the cd cover like the tesla does ?

    Raymond J Ramirez

    Most present vehicles from various manufacturers already display the CD cover when playing a track from that CD album. My present 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid does that on its infotainment display when playing my MPEG3 collection (I have the Sirius system but I am not subscribed to it). I didn’t expect to see that when I bought it, though. It was a pleasant surprise! BTW, my Fusion Hybrid display can also play videos through the input jacks in the center console (it also has a 120 VAC outlet). I expect the Lyriq to have an 120 VAC outlet inside, too.


    I’m very interested but have some basic questions:

    When will a User Manual be available online?
    Will dealers accept trade-ins?
    What’s included “in the box”. Charging cord?
    Never paid window sticker. Will negations be part of the purchased??
    When will an actual car be available in the Raleigh/Durham area for me to “kick the tires”??
    Is there a special team of advisors to talk to my wife (kidding)

    Anyway, I’m interested but won’t place a deposit on an unknown.

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    Raymond J Ramirez

    The “User Manual” may be found online at the Cadillac owner web site after formal production begins. I doubt that the “First Edition” production, which started this week, will have the manual available now.

    As for your other questions, visit or call your local Cadillac dealer for the answers. I will not put a deposit until I see and sit in a real model, so my purchase will be next year in 2023 as I stated above in my first post. I am not in any hurry to buy it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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