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Lyriq oddities?

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    The Lyriq order guide has been published, and every RPO code is coded as “Standard” equipment, including Super Cruise. Interestingly, all the usual Emissions RPO codes are listed (Federal, New England, California) even though the car has zero emissions! Initially, there are only two colors available, Silver and Black, with Black being “late availability.” It’s already well-reported that the initial build run will be RWD only.

    I’m sure updates and revisions will soon follow.


    ES, do you think the MSRP will be any where near 60K? With all the options standard on the First Edition, I feel it’s going to be closer to 80K or higher. What are your thoughts.


    My thoughts are worth what you paid for them, but I think GM has made such a big deal over the $60K price point that it would be a PR disaster for them to raise it significantly. More likely, they’ll reduce the number of units produced in the “Debut” edition to soften the financial hit, if needed.

    I was told by a dealer that the initial run was going to be about 1,500 units, so I think reservations will sell out within minutes.


    I wonder way there was no email sent out as an update about the order guide. And you’re thinking that only 1500 unit will available for reservations on Sept. 18th?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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