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Headlight Recall

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    How do we go about getting a recall for the headlight issue on the SRX? I’m just bought a 2012 and it’s impossible to drive the vehicle at night, as is.


    Following,… Just bought a 2015 SRX today. Will be checking with Cadillac to see if this car has already had the service done or not. The headlights seem to be strong and bright now. Some oxidation only at this point.


    Good question.didnt know of a headlight recall.just bought a 2011 srx..lights suck

    George Prewitt

    I visited Serra Cadillac in Traverse City MI on September 24, 2021.I was told that there is not a recall for the headlights. I also called Cadillac customer service. They verified that there is no recall. I have FILED A COMPLAINT to the National Highway Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A complaint may be filed at NHTSA.GOV. I encourage everyone that has this problem to do this. Finally I have written a letter to, GM Divisional Headquarters, PO Box 33169, Detroit MI 48232

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    to resolve the issue. very poor light output basically non-existent low beam light output.GM QUALITY .BUY GENUINE GM . General Motors engineers design A SUBPAR POOR QUALITY headlight capsule
    I KNOW PARTS WERE OUT BUT THE HEADLIGHTS. What happened to the well-being and safety of the CONSUMER. GM shame on you !! Vehicle cost maintenance service costs. the service center calls. your warranty replacement headlights have came in. it’s an upgraded part better quality. It will be a GM genuine GM quality GM replacement part. More than likely its’ the same exact GM engineered poor quality manufactured part
    Right off the shelf from 2013 as an example that’s your my vehicle2013.who drives at night without lights on. somebody under the influence . nothing good happens there. Federal government needs to step in order GM to issue full payment parts and labor for headlight replacement to all affected Cadillac GM vehicle owners. Federal government can put in the law federal testing of light output levels and making the auto manufacturer 100 percent liable to meet low and high levels limits set by law and check ed my inspection


    inspection check yearly you have to pass smog you have to pass the light intensity issue result but wait there’s more buy a Toyota. I’m going to try installing a fog light kit ? Any ideas any brands out there anybody knows of let me know thank you


    In Mar 2020 I received letter from Cadillac for headlight reimbursement due to moisture in headlights in my 2011 SRX, I payed the 1395.00 cost at my dealer and 2 months later I received full reimbursement even got a loaner for 2 days while car was at dealers.


    I tried with caddilac. They denied my claim. I just bought a set on eBay and installed them. Now I can see.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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