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Headlight Recall

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    How do we go about getting a recall for the headlight issue on the SRX? I’m just bought a 2012 and it’s impossible to drive the vehicle at night, as is.


    Following,… Just bought a 2015 SRX today. Will be checking with Cadillac to see if this car has already had the service done or not. The headlights seem to be strong and bright now. Some oxidation only at this point.


    Good question.didnt know of a headlight recall.just bought a 2011 srx..lights suck

    George Prewitt

    I visited Serra Cadillac in Traverse City MI on September 24, 2021.I was told that there is not a recall for the headlights. I also called Cadillac customer service. They verified that there is no recall. I have FILED A COMPLAINT to the National Highway Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A complaint may be filed at NHTSA.GOV. I encourage everyone that has this problem to do this. Finally I have written a letter to, GM Divisional Headquarters, PO Box 33169, Detroit MI 48232

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    to resolve the issue. very poor light output basically non-existent low beam light output.GM QUALITY .BUY GENUINE GM . General Motors engineers design A SUBPAR POOR QUALITY headlight capsule
    I KNOW PARTS WERE OUT BUT THE HEADLIGHTS. What happened to the well-being and safety of the CONSUMER. GM shame on you !! Vehicle cost maintenance service costs. the service center calls. your warranty replacement headlights have came in. it’s an upgraded part better quality. It will be a GM genuine GM quality GM replacement part. More than likely its’ the same exact GM engineered poor quality manufactured part
    Right off the shelf from 2013 as an example that’s your my vehicle2013.who drives at night without lights on. somebody under the influence . nothing good happens there. Federal government needs to step in order GM to issue full payment parts and labor for headlight replacement to all affected Cadillac GM vehicle owners. Federal government can put in the law federal testing of light output levels and making the auto manufacturer 100 percent liable to meet low and high levels limits set by law and check ed my inspection


    inspection check yearly you have to pass smog you have to pass the light intensity issue result but wait there’s more buy a Toyota. I’m going to try installing a fog light kit ? Any ideas any brands out there anybody knows of let me know thank you


    In Mar 2020 I received letter from Cadillac for headlight reimbursement due to moisture in headlights in my 2011 SRX, I payed the 1395.00 cost at my dealer and 2 months later I received full reimbursement even got a loaner for 2 days while car was at dealers.


    I tried with caddilac. They denied my claim. I just bought a set on eBay and installed them. Now I can see.


    Unfortunately I bought a 2013 Cadillac SRX in 2018. Everything worked great, no issue.
    Then about a year ago or so low beam headlights stopped work. I was told my dealer & mechanics $1700 to fix it. I no longer drive the car when it starts getting dark, because with job loss (no unemployment) I don’t have $1700 nor am I able to borrow this money! This is crazy to own this nice car but have to make sure I’m not ever caught out after dark. My touch screen also stopped working & white streaks like scratch marks on the inside cover of the screen appeared. I’m at my wits end & feel this was the worst car buying experience I’ve ever done. If Cadillac knows there is a problem, they should pay it outright! I got the recall letter but Cadillac wouldn’t pay the dealership directly!! Why not? Sure would make it easier & I might be able to tell others good things about owning a Cadillac. Instead they definitely have lost a customer forever!! Can’t wait to get rid of this car, owe just two more years! Anyone want to buy it? It sure is pretty!😊 Accident free since I bought it!

    [email protected]

    there is a lawsuit that was won and a paid recall and replacement for headlights on the SRX due to faulty performance of the headlights .. I have a 2011 .. I participated in the recall which you had to pay $5000 or so upfront and then submit to have a check repay you . of course they tried to NOT PAY .. and I had to have dealership get involved that I actually had the work done .. I submitted every receipt and all that i was supposed to send and they still LIED .. but I would think there is a way to participate in that recall .. you can research the lawsuit online .. it really sucks you have to pay upfront though .. that should not have been part of the of the judgement .. what do you do if you don’t have the $5000? or maybe it was closer to $6000 and that is a ridiculous amount of money for headlights — although they did put in a complete new assembly for both headlights — I will NEVER buy a Cadillac again .. it’s a piece of junk

    Garry Marshall

    I bought a 2013 Cadillac SRX about 5years ago from a Cadillac Dealer with a 2 year warranty. I absolutely love it. Then about a year ago the low beam headlights got real dim; real dim. We now drive the car with high beams. We are 74 years old now and on fixed income. We live in Florida and Cadillac is supposed to have a program for us as a result of a class action Lawsuit. I don’t have the money to pay up front and have them reimburse me. I am sure they know that more than 60% of families in the US with both husband and wife working do not have $1000.00 saved in the bank. I am calling them out on that. Shady business for share. Sounds like our politicians with great programs that no one can qualify for. Our touch screen stopped working in the first year that we owned it and they replaced it under warranty. Once the warranty ran out, it no longer works again. Come on Cadillac, get back to the INTEGRITY you once had. This is the USA, not China. You know there are problems. We went in to finance a new Cadillac last year and My wife and I agreed to keep the SRX we have. We really do love it. It is an amazing vehicle, built from the ground up by Cadillac and not just a GM vehicle with the Cadillac name. Keep the faith everyone.. Maybe some Vice President in GM with INTEGRITY will get the message.


    See my cheap Fix for this at the end of my experience story. Just saw this post, so replying a little late. I got a letter from Cadillac saying they would pay me back, I think it was $1600 each. But When I went to the Cadillac dealer and showed them the letter they said the cost would be $3200 each. Total cost for both would be $6400.00 that I would have to pay for first, then they would reimburse me only $3200.00, so it would end up costing me $3200 after they pay me back, if they ever do?? What a scam.
    *** For any one that wants to know how to fix this cheap: I just took the caps/cover (round caps used to access changing the bulb) off the back of the headlight assembly and keep them off, unless there is a lot of flooding on the streets from rain then I put them back on temporary. And there is no more condensation/ water. Driver side I remove the cover to fuse box to give a little extra room to get to the caps. The passenger side is more tricky, you have to take the cover off the air filter box (loosen the clamp to the large hose so you can take it off the filter box, and depending how good you are at it you might have to take the air filter box off, I think it’s one bolt holding it, but it’s difficult to put back, so I only take the cover off. You have to turn the caps to get them off, take a marker or something to scratch a line on the caps and the housing so if you need to put back it’s easier to line it up. Also use a screwdriver when I pull it off to help keep it from slipping and falling.

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    I found out this fix from my friend IvanJ.


    I wrote GM Cadillac about our DIM Headlights but never even received a response. Then I read about all the Complaints Owners are having and Still no response from GM. Apparently, the problem arose from the Halogen Light Bulbs running so HOT, it burned off the Cheap chrome-painted Coating behind the Bulb on the plastic housing. I tried replacing the bulbs with New Halogen bulbs, didn’t work!! I then replaced the bulbs with HID bulbs, didn’t work. I then replaced the bulbs with the all-new LED bulbs. Didn’t work!!! BECAUSE the Damage had already taken place. The Cheap Chrome Coating is gone. Now…..I thought about replacing the Complete Headlight Assembly with a New OEM Headlight but in a few months, I’ll have the same problem. Again!!! I hear someone makes a nice set of Aftermarket Headlighs but how would I know if the problem, which started with GM, is resolved. And….I understand in order to replace them, one has to remove the Front Grill, Bumper, Front Wheels, Engine, Transmission and Left Tailight. I found an Easier way to resolve this, we went to the LEXUS Dealership today and looking to trade in the SRX……for any amount!!!

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