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Delivery Time 2021

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    Hi, I ordered a 2021 White Premium Lux Escalade earlier this month. I am told delivery will be 4-6 months. So mid-late summer. I’m seeing more and more on the roads here in Houston. Wondering if production is picking up maybe… Has anyone else ordered one and taken delivery to give any example of how long theirs took? Thanks!


    Hi. I placed an order in October 2020. I was informed at that time that Super Cruise(which I requested) would not be available until the first quarter of 2021. The last communication from the dealer on 1/16/21 is as follows:

    “Happy New Year, Sir!

    Our first SuperCruise order was just accepted last week, so there’s progress. Your order is the second in line in our remaining sold order cue. The order ahead of yours isn’t a SuperCruise vehicle, so I would imagine that our next SuperCruise allocation will pull your order.

    I’ll be sure to update you when the order takes. It does look like you’ll get your Escalade this model- year, while many won’t. I’ve never seen demand exceed supply like this in my 17 years in the car business, but we’ve also never had a vehicle to deliver on the level of this new Escalade.


    Hope this helps.


    Hi All. I just took delivery (March 31) of a Premium Lux Platinum with Super Cruise. I ordered in November 2020, but knew it would not start build until January 2021. In early January I checked on the status and was told it was being held-up because the chrome wheels were not available. I switched to the standard wheels and was fortunate to get a build date in early February. The vehicle built Feb 12, but then the weather disaster hit Texas. That delayed it for at least a week. There was then an issue with seat belt installation (caused a recall for orders already built) and a part quality issue. That held up shipping until 3/17 while the plant waited to get new parts. 3/17 the vehicle was released for shipping. It got on the train to South Carolina on March 18. It arrived in South Carolina on March 26. It was picked up by truck and delivered to the dealer on March 30. That’s the timeline I experienced. The usual disclaimers: Your mileage may vary, batteries not included, some assembly required!! HA HA!. Most important thing you can do is to continually check with the dealer. They can give you a pretty good status update since their system allows them to track orders in pretty good detail. They don’t really have any “power” to speed things up, but they can tell you what is happening and you can adjust your expectations accordingly. In a normal world, it should take 2-4 weeks to get it AFTER it is built. Hope all this helps…it WAS worth the wait!! Super Cruise is amazing for those who have ordered!


    One more thought…another option you have is to use the Cadillac website to search “available” inventory. You may be able to find one you like that is either a) already built or b) in transit. You could then contact that dealer and see if they have sold it. If not, you could work with that dealer to buy it from them. You could also ask your dealer if they can work a “dealer trade” with that dealer. These are VERY hot models with a very low supply of stock since they are selling so quickly. In fact it is one of the hottest selling vehicles in the country right now so they are very hard to come by.


    Ugg; ordered my premium luxury in early February and was just told that it will most likely not get built for some time due to the computer chip concern. If I am willing to eliminate some packages, I stand a chance. But, I decided not to do this. For anyone waiting to receive their 2021 escalade, hang in there as it may be a long ride.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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