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Carlisle & Harvey SRX Challenge

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    I am just about as frustrated and disappointed with the GM Cadillac brand and those responsible for allowing the SRX onto the streets of America with what is clearly a slap in the face to its customer base. I was a happy owner of the 2014 SRX Performance model which had fully operational headlights, navigation system, streaming apps, zero latency with the touchscreen. I mean I was a happy motorist when behind the wheel for a solid 2 business days before day 3 left me stranded in the blistering sun because this SRX had a problem overheating. The heat quickly created a hot debilitating haze in the cabin you could feel the magma coming from the engine. That was a real bummer.

    So, 3 weeks go by and I am still in a rental and I finally get the call I had been waiting on to go pick up my Cadillac. Well…it was the call I had been waiting on but not the words I wanted to hear. I was now being told that the dealership didn’t want to fix the SRX because of the cost that would be involved and they opted to offer me 5 like vehicles to choose from to make it right with me. I was willing to go along with this and decided to stick by Cadillac’s side and opted for the 2015 SRX Luxury model. I figured I would be getting a nice upgrade to what I had but I didn’t realize that getting a newer model meant losing all features that were in the older SRX.

    Here is what I am now stuck with. Turn-by-turn navigation which is the dumbest thing I have ever in my life had to deal with. It is an accident waiting to happen because rather than the visual maps we all are familiar with. They decided to make it audible. You better listen for the “beep beep” because that will be your signal to turn and don’t worry it gives you about a 10 foot advanced notice before you have to catch that turn. I was given the CUE Generation 10 Infotainment System. It is has no Android Auto, no steaming apps, no maps, no abilities or conveniences that a Cadillac owner would assume come with the purchase of the vehicle. Nope GM wants to charge for all new hardware. Such good people right there. Way to stick it to your customers. I think the suits running this show should be required to drive their families around in the same limited peace of junk they force us to ride in.

    I also have to drive with my brights on just so I can see at night because of the crap headlights. GM, Cadillac, Carlisle and Harvey should be ashamed of themselves to even allow this to be an issue. Try actually getting behind the wheel as a consumer, a mom, a dad, an executive or just play with the CUE system and tell us if its good enough for you or your family. That would be a huge $50,000 mistake. Well, that is what you have left me with is a $50,000 regret. Be safe out there.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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