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Cadillac 2017 XT5 music flash drive not recognized after navigation update

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    HELP! Any ideas on why my 2017 xt5 will not recognize a new music flash drive? The situation is that I’ve had music flash drives working since buying the vehicle and worked fine. I bought a new flash drive and the cadillac cue doesn’t even see it. The old flash drives still work. New flash drive is identical size and format and brand. The new flash drive also works in everyone else’s car, just fine. The only thing I can think of was that I did a navigation update a while ago. This was a factory GM Navi update that was to update the map system. Since then, I cannot get the car to recognize a new flash drive. Old ones still work. New one works in other cars. We tried the “soft reset” of the computer and that didn’t change anything. Been to the dealer and told about format of flash drive etc, which I already knew about and checked. All is identical to the old, working flash drives. I was assured that the navi update can not be related to this problem. They did not have a fix for this. So I’m stuck with using my 2 reliable flash drives that still work (and I can add music to successfully still). Car recognizes those just fine. Whoever eventually purchases my vehicle will have no flash drive capabilities, which seems ridiculous. Anyone know of this issue? From what I’m reading, there is no hard reset for this year and model cadillac. And the soft reset did nothing. Any ideas out there? Thank you

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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