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Any advice welcome!

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    Still having problems with my headlights on my 2014 SRX. I have only owned this car for about 2 years. I have had the run around from Cadillac to say the least. I spoke with a customer service agent again this week and she stated she was sending me an email to respond in, since you have to send all complaints/concerns through snail mail. However, she did not email me anything, checked spam folders everywhere. Unfortunately, feel I have been lied to again! Several times I got customer service agents that acted like they couldn’t hear the conversation, which left me calling back many times in a day, only for them to disregard and dodge any kind of answer or response. Does anyone else have any recommendations, advice. I am not able to drive at all at night, had a close call with almost being hit by another driver that did not see me and I am a single mom that needs my vehicle. I also spoke with a dealership on the recall for the bolts. I was told “you can bring it in to have replacement parts put on, but you get a one and done”, so when parts do come in too bad. However, we have no idea on how long this could take. Now, I am having problems with the starter/ignition to where the vehicle wont shut off, have to sit there and play with it on and off several times to get it to turn off, and then hesitates to turn on sometimes, this is new to me. Is anyone aware of an email to send concern or complaint to?

    Very disgusted with Cadillac


    GM Canada will not and has never assisted the headlight issue. I was told that there is no replacement program. Tony morrison – [email protected]

    George Prewitt

    Please see my post from early this week
    I have the contact information for Cadillac and where to file a complaint in the UNITED STATES.
    If you are in Canada I’m sure there is a governmental agency where you file a complaint

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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