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Actual model will be Probably a disappointment

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    I was excited when they they hinted Escalla would be ct5 what a disappointment; had my money ready to buy one . Now reading Lyriq will not look the same either . Going electric for me is a big stretch , plus a SUV is also pushing the limit but lyric in is present for had a chance . Now I hear that will not be the same either . Probably less styling and dumbed down. WE will see at super bowl reveal. wonder if it will be actual model or the dumbed down version !

    Raymond J Ramirez

    Your sense of “disappointment” depends on your own expectations, not GM or Cadillac. There is and never will be a “perfect car”, unless you have the funds and knowledge to build it yourself (which is what Elon Musk did and failed). So you must either accept the offers in the auto marketplace, reject all of them, or lower your expectations. It is now your choice.

    If your view of the Lyriq is already “disappointing”, just leave this forum and forget about it. Posting depressing comments for an object that has not been produced yet shows what type of person you really are. If you want a bad car , you will get what you want!


    Basically I am saying that the vehicle that they are currently presenting probably will not look like the one they are going to be selling . I hope I am wrong. The new version might look better ! Who knows. All people’s tastes vary . I love the artists 2 door rendition but I know that will never happen. I’m not a big SUV fan or electric fan. But I could be swayed with the right look. Things are changing ,people aren’t intrested in cars like they used to, even less in repairing them . Many teenagers aren’t interested in driving anymore . Who knows where vehicle looks/ functionality / ownership will go in the future! Sorry if i got a little off topic . ELDOGUY.
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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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