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2024 Lyriq dealer markups

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    As I wait for my 2024 Lyriq reservation to turn into an order, I’m curious if anyone has had issues with high dealer markups with this vehicle?

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    I just took delivery on January 30,2023 and my dealer charged me $5,000- above MSRP. The alternative was to wait until late summer for one.

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    The first dealership I contacted and conversed with for about 6 or more months, never mention cost/charges above MSRP; however on the day orders were opened, Cadillac hit its customers with a $3k price increase (with no reason/explanation). Then when the dealership I was working with called me to confirm my order; they informed me they were charging an additional $10K. Between the two “switch and bait” tactics by Cadillac and Kevin Whitaker Cadillac in Greenville, SC a rip off totaling $16k was in play. I refused the dealer’s switch and bait and found a dealership who was honest and said they would not do such to their customers. I went with this dealership.

    Since GM/Cadillac has not lived up to their delivery dates and will not communicate with its customers. I cancelled one of the two Lyriqs I ordered. I’m replacing the AWD Lyriq with a Tesla Model Y AWD and will be getting a $7,500 tax credit in addition to Tesla’s drastic $13k price reduction on the Model Y. I’m aware of others who have cancelled or will be cancelling their Lyriq orders and getting a 2023 Model Y. GM/Cadillac should have seen this coming.


    Has Lyriq bi-directional charging?
    Any news about changing the unfriendly door openers in the 2024 model?


    My dealer started with 10K markup got it down to 7.5K not happy but it was the only way to get one now and so I get the full 7.5K tax credit. My way of looking at it is I got the Debut which is loaded up, waiting for a Lux2 model starts at 67K and another 1.5K for the 19.2KW charger and it was up to 68.5K. Mine has the $1550 22″ rims so sticker price was 61,530. The Lux3 has 22″ rims standard for 70.6K plus charger. I could do without 19.2KW charger but it is standard on my model. I had heard that Cadillac made interested dealers pay $300K for the opportunity to sell electric vehicles they also had to install heavy duty lifts and buy a fork lift, but I don’t know if that was included in $300K.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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