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2024 Escalade Diesel engine (LZ0 or LM2)

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    From all the articles I’ve read, both here and elsewhere, the refreshed 2024 Escalade will offer the new LZ0 diesel engine as an option. My local dealer however tells me THEY are hearing (At least when 2024 Escalade production begins) the Diesel engine option will remain the LM2, with the LZ0 to come “later.” I’ve already owned a GM truck with the LM2, and its a great engine, but for the Escalade I’d really prefer the extra “oomph” of the LZ0.

    Has anybody heard anything about this?

    (I’m driving an Escalade now with the 6.2 V8. Great engine with plenty of “go” but she sure loves the gas pump, even when I’m as gentle as I can be)


    Hello, as i can see it is not confirmed yet that there will be an update of the Escalade for 2024. As per the dealer, i’m in contact, it will be updated for 2025. This year they will introduce only Escalade EV. If you have reliable information or trusted source, please share. Thanks!


    The latest information I’m getting is NO refresh, NO LZ0 engine.
    But since the values on Escalades are sky high right now, I may just order a ’24 with the LM2.
    Using my 2023 “Sclade as a trade (9 months old and under 2000 miles) other than the $5k difference for the diesel, I may be close to an even swap.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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