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2024 configured, submitted through workbench, Not yet accepted by GM

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    I received my link to order a 2024 Lyriq, configured the vehicle (AWD) luxury level 3 and the order was submitted in Workbench two weeks ago. I received an email from Cadillac stating as much, which also included an order #. Today, I reached out through the cadillac site regarding the status of the order. Per the automated chatbot, it said that the order was submitted by the dealership BUT had NOT been accepted YET by GM. Not really sure WHAT that means… can someone explain the process here and what the general turnaround for “acceptance”. Once accepted, does it get put in the production queue? Once it’s placed into production, what is the general production time for the vehicle?

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    You can try asking through this thread.. https://cadillacsociety.com/topic/2024-lyriq-order-process/
    From what i heard this is a common thing unfortunately and I would definitely reach out to the dealership instead of chatbot. I do know there are a handful of users here in Cadillac Society and GMAuthority that have already received their Lyriqs so maybe they can chime in. I have heard instances where it could take a couple months for an order to be accepted but hopefully that’s not the case.


    Having GM accept the order is just another step. All accepted means is they have your individual preferences- not that the car will be built anytime soon. My order was accepted two months ago and no news. It lets Cadillac estimate which parts to order, like wheels.

    Now your wait begins for your dealer to get a notice that he has an allocation. Mine had only four total allocations for all of the Debut Editions.

    Then he will work off his waiting list (and presumably matching what is available with what those on his list want).

    My dealer said when a car is available he will do a final confirmation with me regarding the color, trim and equipment and then order the car. After awhile GM will actually assign a VIN and then build the car.

    Once it is built and passes the QC checks, GM will get together vehicles going to similar locations and ship it.

    In 2017 (prepandemic) when I ordered a Lincoln MKX Black Label, it took three months for delivery. Now, who knows????


    Watch this on you tube https://youtu.be/5EGCgvGwF1k very interesting.


    Thanks. I saw that and posted there yesterday asking where the list owner had gotten the information that the dual motor 2024 models would not ship until Nov and Dec of 2023.

    All I can hope for is with all of those who have ordered and canceled because of the lack of accurate information from Cadillac, my place on the list with a May 25, 2022 order converted to a 2024 model is moving higher up the delivery list.

    My dealer said he had 50 preorders in Oct 22 and and has had a grand total of 4 of the Debut Editions delivered since then.

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    Most of the Lyriqs currently being produced are the Tech, Luxury 1 and Sport 1 trims, mostly RWD. Certain colors, higher trims and Nappa leather interiors also have delayed availability.


    That is yet another oddity for this rollout.

    When manufacturers release a new line, they usually build the top trims (highest profit) first and then move to less expensive cars later. They may limit the colors initially, but GM has been using the three stage tricoat white for years.

    I had that paint on an Envoy in 2010 and I believe they used it on other vehicles before that. They must buy it by the tank car load.

    I guess I just don’t have the modern day GM mindset.


    I pre-ordered on 9/2/22, configured a Sport 3 AWD in Radiant Red Tintcoat on 3/8/23 and received an order number on 5/11/23. I spoke with my dealer in July 2023 inquiring about my spot in the queue. They said very tough to answer due to the way allocations are done by Cadillac. They receive allocations for a given drive and trim level and work through their pre-orders from there. So they might get an allocation for 5 RWD Luxury 2’s, at which time they will go through their list of pre-orders wanting RWD Luxury 2 in the order received and convert those to orders. So someone lucky enough to have their build spec come up early might go way ahead of someone who had been in longer requesting a different build. They also said that most of the allocations they have received are Tech or Trim 1, due mainly to supply shortages for some SuperCruise components needed for trim levels 2 and 3.
    Confidence is not high that I I’ll see mine in time to take the tax credit in this tax year.
    Dealer codes are on the Order Workbench sheet that your dealer should be able to provide IF you have an order number.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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