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2022 Escalade Screen Black Out

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    I love my new 2022 Escalade but it has already been in the shop twice and today will make the 3rd time in 2 months.

    My screens, all 3 have gone completely black several times. They did an update and error codes etc. and I really don’t see a huge difference. The second time I was able to record it all on video (so thankful for my iPhone), when I put the car in reverse all screens went black including the panel where the temperature gauges and a/c buttons etc (put it in drive and all screens came on, kept happening until I brought it in) Once the second update was complete it has helped with that issue.

    Now today, I went to reverse and noticed the yellow lines that help you back into parking spaces were gone, as well as on the front cameras yellow lines. I know I have not gone into any settings and changed anything.

    I called OnStar and they provided me with a tech, and they were unable to help. I called my dealer and they said to bring it in today.

    Any one else have this issue, or feel the screen goes black often, or take a really long time to load?

    It’s so frustrating that I have spent a lot of money to always be complaining about these screens.


    Hello Amanda; truly just jumped back in to see how everything is going with your Escalade. So sorry to hear this and I wish I could offer some help. So far, I am OK with mine, but to be honest I have been hearing a lot of concerns and frustrations with the Escalade. I hope you can find a solution with your dealer; all the best. Jeff from Pittsburgh.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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