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2017 Escalade A/C issues

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    Hey everyone, the rear air for my escalade no longer works, doesnt come on or anything

    however the front a/c started today turning on for about 25 seconds to 1 minute and then turning off for the same amount of time and it keeps turning on and off by itself

    does anyone know what the issue is? its no longer under warranty so cant have the dealership fix it as i dont have a second liver or first born to give them so any advice would be great

    i did check the fuses and they all check fine, i checked them with my multimeter in continuity mode


    Yes, I have the same issue and the mechanic said that all GMC,Denali, and the Tahoes models. Your freon leaked out from the conductor that shares with the radiator, it’s rubber hose that ware a hole that you can see thru front grill w/ flashlight. He told me that it will be around $800 just to replace the freon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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