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Photos Of Cadillac XT4 Featuring Super Cruise Surface Online

Photos Of Cadillac XT4 Featuring Super Cruise Surface Online

When the refreshed 2024 Cadillac XT4 made its debut, executives stated that it would feature the Super Cruise semi-autonomous driver assist feature, but that it would not be available at launch. Now, we’ve obtained the first pictures of the XT4 outfitted with Super Cruise, despite the feature still not being readily available.

The images, which were lifted from the official online configurator at Cadillac.com, show the Cadillac XT4 interior with a key detail – the curved LED strip embedded within the top of the steering wheel, clearly showing the presence of Super Cruise. It’s this light bar that indicates when it’s safe for the driver to take their hands off the steering wheel, illuminating in green when Super Cruise is active.

As of this writing, the images can be found within the configurator by navigating to the “Options” panel, and then to “Safety,” which then allows the user to select certain packages that display the XT4 with the Super Cruise steering wheel.

While the configurator does not explicitly list Super Cruise as an available option, it does show the telltale steering wheel light bar as the lead image for a handful of packages, including but not limited to the following:

  • Intersection Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Speed Limit Assist
  • Side Bicyclist Alert
  • Rear Pedestrian Alert
  • Enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Reverse Automatic Braking

Last year, Cadillac global vice president, Rory Harvey, stated that Super Cruise was on its way to the XT4, saying, “Super Cruise is not available, but we do have a plan to introduce it at a point in time. We have a rollout plan in terms of Super Cruise by vehicle prioritization, and it is a part of that rollout plan.”

As a reminder, the 2024 Cadillac XT4 features a refreshed grille and new LED lighting signatures at the front. Out back, the refreshed XT4 features a reworked fascia, with new reflectors and exhaust finishers. 

The 2024 Cadillac XT4 retains the current model’s single engine option – the turbocharged 2.0L I4 (production code LSY). The boosted gasoline four-cylinder is rated at 237 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. It mates to Cadillac’s nine-speed automatic transmission. Front-wheel-drive is standard while all-wheel-drive is optional. Production of the luxury crossover takes place at the Fairfax plant in Kansas.

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  1. As per my latest information the 2025 XT5 ,originally intended for China only ,will be available in this country with all of the upgrades

  2. Yes, we can see SuperCruise in the picture, but it is not available for sale. Just as we can see the moon in the picture of the night sky, but it is not available for sale. So stop salivating!


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