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Cadillac Lyriq Features A Gorgeous And Unique Lighting Display: Video

Cadillac Lyriq Features A Gorgeous And Unique Lighting Display: Video

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq – the luxury marque’s first fully-electric vehicle – sets out to make a statement. It does so with the help of cutting-edge LEDs integrated into the front “grille”, which make the luxury crossover seem to come alive.

The 2023 Lyriq greets its driver with a mesmerizing light show created by 50 LEDs mounted in the “black crystal” grille. First to illuminate in the Luxury and Premium Luxury models is the Cadillac crest itself, which has been optimized to appear cleaner and more easily recognizable when backlit. Lights fill up the electric vehicle’s grille, leading the eye to the outer edges of the exterior via the horizontally-oriented sequential turn signals. Light then cascades downward, in a droplet-style fashion, to both sides of the vehicle’s vertical headlights.

The pattern is picked up by the Lyriq’s taillights in a similar fashion. Much like the front turn signals, the rear turn signals feature sequential lighting that flows from the center of the inner part of the lenses to the outboard part of the lights, before bleeding into and fully illuminating the rear vertical brake lights.

The Lyriq represents a new era of styling and technology for Cadillac, evidenced by the front end’s “complex animation pattern,” as described by Andrew Smith, who served as Cadillac Chief Designer during the Lyriq’s development. Since there’s no need to leave gaps for as much air induction needed by vehicles with an internal combustion engine, the Lyriq can take full advantage of the flat plane of its black crystal grille.

“It’s an opportunity to really push the fashion of car design,” said Candice Willet, Lyriq Lead Creative Designer, Lighting, in the Lyriq debut video originally published in 2020. “EV Luxury is something that takes care of you when you least expect it. It’s walking up to a vehicle and having it welcome you and really awaken all of your senses.” 

Check out a video of the Lyriq’s lighting pattern below.

Initially launched for the 2023 model year, the Cadillac Lyriq rides on the all-new BEV3 platform. Rear-drive models are powered by a single rear-mounted Ultium Drive motor fed by the 100.4 kWh lithium-ion Ultium battery pack. Total system output is rated at 340 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque. Cadillac estimates that the 2023 Lyriq will have 300 miles of driving range from a full charge. The all-wheel-drive model adds a second electric motor at the front axle, resulting in total system power of 500 horsepower and 450 pound-feet of torque. The high-performance Lyriq-V variant will join the lineup in the very near future.

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  1. I own a 2023 LYRIQ which has the ‘Choreographed Lighting’. Non Defeatable so that it remains a security hazard in bad neighborhoods as you are approaching the car. If you don’t empty your pockets in homes with attached garages, the thing does constant light shows…. Uses a fair amount of juice since cooling fans are running while it is doing its thing. You lose about a mile or more of range daily for this reason.

    I just don’t get it: Didn’t at one time the Cadillac Buyer want ‘understated elegance’? The flashing lights thing I always thought was beyond tacky.

    This is basically a recycled GMA article. NO WHERE in the GMA Universe have I seen the difference explained between the minimized lighting in the bare bones TECH trim, and the more expensive Trims for 2024. Perhaps an article could be written that says something more useful.

    I sure would have liked to have known that the free fast charging offer for the lowly BOLT FAR EXCEEDS the value of the one I took for the LYRIQ.
    Would be nice if GMA included actionable information once in a while.

  2. Great points Bill! I presumed the light show was over in a quick 30 seconds or so. I’m waiting for my ’24 Sport 3 and haven’t seen anything on what will happen with that “grill.” One of the reasons I chose the sport version was because I thought it was more elegant looking.
    Also agree with your fast charging comments. Further, the GM’s choice of 400 volt instead of 800 volt architecture is a mystery to me. Even now, with access to the Tesla system, fast charging times are borderline. I was also planning to get the 19.2 KW charger option but having to pay Merit’s exorbitant installation fees give me pause…

    • Hi Scott….

      My issue is there are no EVGOs remotely near me,but there are ChargePoints, their partner.

      Bolt can go to ChargePoints free, but the Lyriq cannot.

      Wish there was a blog site that had mentioned this.

    • I ordered a ’24 Sport 3 as well about 5 weeks ago and according to Cadillac they received the order but still haven’t “officially accepted” it. whatever the hell that means. agree about the grill, normally my wife and I like the luxury trim of cars but the sport grill won us over. Wanted sport 2 but couldn’t let go of the lights in the cutouts of the door wood. It was literally my favorite thing about the interior and standard on the 23… How long did they tell you the wait would be??

      • I ordered my 2023 Lyriq May 2022. I got an order number in April 2023, I have called my dealer and/or the GM concierge every other month since April. No change. No car.


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