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Cadillac Optiq Has Two Rear Spoilers, And No Rear Wiper

Cadillac Optiq Has Two Rear Spoilers, And No Rear Wiper

The forthcoming Cadillac Optiq will be the latest addition to the luxury marque’s battery electric vehicle lineup. Currently, the luxury EV crossover is waiting in the wings for its official debut later this year, though Cadillac Society has already spotted a prototype undergoing testing. More recently, the first images were leaked in China, revealing exactly what’s in store for the forthcoming vehicle. New details have since come to light regarding the Optiq’s design – mainly, that it features two rear spoilers while negating a rear wiper. 

The Cadillac Optiq features an upper spoiler that houses the vehicle’s center high-mount stop lamp (CHMSL). This spoiler is positioned above the rear window glass. Below the rear window, a subtle lower lip spoiler, which is integrated into the black trim, features a rear camera lens. Perhaps a side view best shows the second spoiler, though the prototype seen below is missing the upper spoiler.

In addition, the Cadillac Optiq will notably lack a rear wiper blade, much like its larger sibling, the Cadillac Lyriq. The Optiq features a sloped, streamlined profile. Similar to a sedan, this configuration allows airflow down the rear of the vehicle, which prevents moisture and precipitation from accumulating to the point that it begins to detract from rearward visibility. Vehicles with a more upright, boxy rear end do not have this benefit, and require a rear wiper blade in order to maintain visibility out the back.

As a reminder, the Optiq will slot in below the Lyriq in Cadillac’s EV lineup, but it has a surprisingly large footprint – in fact, it’s larger than the XT5. Its positioning in the lineup means that another, smaller EV crossover that will slot below the Optiq. 

The Cadillac Optiq will ride on a variant of the luxury marque’s BEV3 platform, which currently underpins its big brother, the Lyriq, as well as the forthcoming Celestiq sedan. The Optiq will feature a single Ultium Drive motor mounted on the rear axle offering two power output options, including 150 kW (201 horsepower) or 180 kW (241 horsepower).

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  1. When will the Cadillac Optiq begin sales on the U.S.?

  2. This is a very handsome Cadillac
    Let’s hope they “don’t blow it” by blowing up the price like the EV Blazer


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