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You Can Rent This Addams Family-Themed 1950 Cadillac Hearse

You Can Rent This Addams Family-Themed 1950 Cadillac Hearse

With the 2022 Netflix show Wednesday breathing new life into the Addams Family canon, fans of the macabre comedy series now have the opportunity to rent a 1950 Cadillac hearse via the online car sharing marketplace Turo.

This 1950 Cadillac hearse was built by West Coast Customs, who outfitted the vehicle with a variety of Addams Family-themed accents, including those paying homage to Wednesday with bold decals on the windshield and bodysides. The model also features a deep purple exterior with bone-white trim for a sinister look, accented by classic whitewall tires.

The grille also features red LED lighting to lend an evil motif, while a vulture hood ornament is affixed to its prow, and the sideview mirrors feature a batwing-like theme. Spiderweb designs decorate the rear window coverings, and bench seats provide plenty of seating inside this delightfully Gothic-themed ride.  

The model’s listing is stylized as though it were spoken by the character Wednesday Addams, which notes that the Cadillac hearse features a manual transmission. Cheekily, the listing states that those interested in renting this particular vehicle “actually need to know how to drive” in order to handle it. If drivers cause harm to the hearse by riding the clutch, the Addams family’s driver, Lurch, “will hunt you down,” as the vehicle is “dear to his cold dead heart.” The listing cautions potential patrons to be gentle with the machine, lest Lurch appear at the end of their bed armed with a crowbar and a meat hook.

“Wednesday” also notes that the 1950 Cadillac hearse “has been customized to suit the dubious tastes of my parents, from the obnoxious branding to the vile purple hue.” Interested parties can expect to shell out $13 per day for the chance to drive this interesting creation.

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