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Custom Cadillac CT6 Sports Black Wheels And Whitewall Tires

Custom Cadillac CT6 Sports Black Wheels And Whitewall Tires

Customizing a vehicle is the ultimate way for enthusiasts to bring their personality, style and taste to the forefront, and this Cadillac CT6 is no exception. Cadillac Society recently stumbled across the stunning example of the luxury sedan seen here.

This particular CT6 was proudly posted to a Cadillac fan page on Facebook by Carl P Nut Thomason. It’s a 2017 model year vehicle in the Platinum trim level, and its exterior wears jet black paint complemented by equally dark window tint. The dark theme is carried to the Asanti Black Label Series ABL-27 Dynasty wheels, which are also finished in a shiny black color.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this custom Cadillac CT6 are the customized tires wrapped around the aforementioned wheels. They are made by Vogue Tyres and are part of their CBR whitewall collection. The white sidewalls are complemented by a thin red stripe, adding a dash of bright color to the otherwise dark-as-night luxury sedan. Red calipers are situated behind the wheels, bringing a sportier, race-ready appearance to this CT6. 

The Cadillac CT6 had a relatively short run in the North American market. It was produced at the Detroit-Hamtramck plant, now known as Factory Zero, from 2016 thru 2020, after which it was discontinued in all markets except for China.

Later this year, Cadillac will launch an all-new, second-generation CT6. In fact, photos of this all-new, second-gen model leaked online at the end of last year. However, this model will continue to be offered exclusively in China, as we don’t expect it to make its way to the Americas.

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Alexandra is a Colorado-based journalist with a passion for all things involving horsepower, be it automotive or equestrian.


  1. A real shame this car is only for sale in China.

    • I couldn’t agree more !!!!

      • Wow! Honestly, Cadillac, what the world needs is a two door/seat sports coupe, 4 cylinder, turbo, or Sweet 6 cylinder, under 40k with a gas engine. Not as small like Miata, but a larger competitor. A Cadillac, for the fun of driving! Nice CT6

        • So go buy a honda… we already have our sports sedans. If you want a lower price get a 2016+ v or v-power.

  2. The second generation CT6 should be an order option for people in America. It’s seems Cadillac never considers its entire customer base.

    • I own my second Cadillac ct6 and love it. GM should bring back production of this car to the USA. There are people who still want a big car. I will not buy a SUV. I’m tired of GM ramming these SUV’s down our throats, not do I want a battery car. I am holding on to my CT6 for as long as I can. The CT5 does not cut it, there is no comparison to CT6. I’m not sold on electric cars yet,they don’t tell you how they will dispose of old batteries, if your car is flooded with water, what happens to battery. Also, no charging stations available. Electricity costs have gone up. What does it cost to replace a battery for a electric car.

      • I’m with you Greg. I’m tired of SUV’s being shoved down our throats and I certainly will not buy an Electric Car. The infrastructure in not ready for it, batteries are too expensive, they cost more than an internal combustion engine to build, plus they take too long to charge. You have to wait a minimum of 45 minutes to charge to 92% rather than 2 minutes to fill the tank. Electric cars are only good for short term, hence why I still own my DeVille’s.

  3. Cadillac has done a lot of stupid things, but this is one of their top stupidity. Cadillac loves having the Japs walk all over them. They stopped most sedans except for two small ones, the rest are SUV’s and crossovers. Let Lexus do another dance on Cadillac! If it weren’t for us diehards for the brand, they would have sunk a long time ago.


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