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Second-Generation Cadillac CT6 Prototype Spotted Without Heavy Camo

Second-Generation Cadillac CT6 Prototype Spotted Without Heavy Camo

As Cadillac Society was first to report earlier this year, the second-generation Cadillac CT6 is on the way. In fact, we even spied the forthcoming luxury sedan concealed by heavy camo, but we’ve now spied a prototype wearing form-hugging camo, taking some of the mystery out of the design of the next-generation model.

As opposed to the concealing vinyl camo we saw on the prototype spied in March, this Cadillac CT6 has black-and-white patterned body wrap, allowing us to see some of the finer details of the vehicle. The front fascia, in particular, appears to borrow design elements from both the CT4 and CT5 luxury sedans. However, the headlights – which are placeholders on this prototype – seem to carry similarities to the Cadillac Lyriq electric crossover, visible in the vertically-oriented headlights as well as the thin horizontal lighting accents across the top of the fascia.

The vehicle’s side profile reveals a sloped roofline that is similar to that of the current-gen Cadillac CT5. The treatment of the C-pillar is similar, though not exactly the same, as that of the CT5. Also of note is the (seemingly) placeholder communications fin positioned on the roof.

Moving around to the vehicle’s rear, we see a set of placeholder taillights. The camouflage has been cut away in several places on the rear bumpmer, possibly to accommodate sensors that might be blocked when the vehicle’s wrap is intact. To note, the second-gen CT6 will also make use of Cadillac’s Global B electrical architecture, which will allow the luxury sedan to harness Super Cruise and eventually Ultra Cruise. The Global B platform will also allow for over-the-air software updates.

The upcoming Cadillac CT6 will feature the luxury marque’s turbocharged 2.0L I4 engine (production code LSY), which is currently offered in every single Cadillac model sold in China. It’s also possible that the second-gen CT6 could make use of a mild hybrid system, similar to that of the XT4 crossover for the Chinese market, which combines the boosted four ICE engine with a small electric motor and a battery for improved fuel economy.

The luxury sedan will be built using elements from the luxury marque’s VSS-R and Omega vehicle platforms. So far, there aren’t any plans to launch the next-gen Cadillac CT6 outside of China, meaning that it won’t be sold in the U.S.

The full-size luxury sedan is expected to launch in China within the next year.

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  1. When they bring the CT6 back to the USA market, be certain to improve the tail lamps by eliminating the connected horizontal component (i.e. no more boomerang silhouette shape) and please consider something like the El Miraj show car featured–this will enhance sales greatly.

  2. In my opinion the CT6 is the most attractive and luxurious of the 3 Cadillac sedans. Why would they limit it to the Chinese market. The CT4 and CT5 are both rather bland in comparison. I presently drive a 2019 XT5 Platinum and would like to stick with Caddy, but with most likely go to BMW or Mercedes if these are the only models available.

  3. I wonder why the chinese market is more important than the American market.Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t the American market give Cadillac the success that made them great? It is time that GM give the American market a true Cadillac at a reasonable price or we will be buying something else.

    • I totally agree Robert! I own 2-CT6’s, a 2020 Premium Luxury that is loaded and a 2017 Premium. If you can’t supply the country and the people that made GM and Cadillac a success, then perhaps GM should just supply the Chinese market. The US market can support sedans if they stop attempting to shove a box-on-box CUV/SUV down out throats.

      Bring the send generation CT6 back to the US with at least the V6, an LS variant or even a hybrid with the V6. No EV or turbo 4-banger that can’t get out of its own way. The electrical grids cannot support the EV’s and who wants to charge up every 300 or so miles when on a trip?

      I have had the “pleasure” of driving a CT4 and CT5 for a week or so on each. They are awful and to be called a Cadillac luxury sedan is deplorable. Both have harsh rides and again that turbo 4 is useless. Two real-sized adults are the max for these cars.

      Give us back our CT6…not all of us want a CUV, SUV, a mall-crawling pickup or an EV. Guess I’ll have to go Mercedes, BMW or even Genesis on my next go around.

      • I love the Ct6. Why on earth are they discontinuing them here in the US!!!.. And, why are the used ones so damn expensive

    • I now drive a ct6, I love this car, the 5 is not the same, If Cadillac does not have this size car I guess I go back to the S580 mercedes. I want to buy American get your act together Cadillac.

  4. I would be the first one in line to lease the a next gen CT6 it they market it in the US.

  5. Too bad they say it is only for China.

  6. I am the proud owner of a 2020 CT6, (the last year these were manufactured.) I absolutely love these vehicles. In 2017, I purchased a CT6 and we drove that car everywhere. It was an ultra comfortable long distance ride w/ all the amenities. We had three years with zero issues and traded the car in on the current 2020 as mentioned above. We had a 2015 S 500 Mercedes and when the CT6 came out, we were hooked. There are a few minor things Cadillac could elevate when compared to the high end Mercedes however guess what? These few minor changes have already occurred and can be seen within the newly designed Escalade. This means that a 2023 or beyond CT6 would undoubtedly land on the showroom highly prepared to take on all competitors. Instead of offering 3 different 6 cylinder options, – there should be a high performing twin turbo V6, a V8, and (only if possible: an impressive electric version similar to the new Mercedes.)

  7. Yes a smart move would be to sell the CT-6 in NA and they should have kept selling the previous version also!


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