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2022 Cadillac Crossovers To Get Limited Park Assist Availability

2022 Cadillac Crossovers To Get Limited Park Assist Availability

As the ongoing global microchip shortage persists, certain 2022 model year Cadillac vehicles will have limited availably of parking assist features, Cadillac Society has learned.

All three of the luxury marque’s crossover offerings – the Cadillac XT4, Cadillac XT5, and Cadillac XT6 – assembled after December 20th, 2021 are affected by the change in parking assist feature availability. Some units of the XT4 will no longer be equipped with Rear Park Assist, while some units of the XT4, XT5, and XT6 will not have Front and Rear Park assist. It’s important to note that only specific trim levels of the aforementioned Cadillac crossovers are affected by the limited inclusion of parking assist features.

The table below shows a breakdown of which Cadillac vehicles are affected by the change in the availability of the Park Assist features.

Model Affected Trim Levels Affected Units Rear Park Assist Front and Rear Park Assist Production Start Date
Cadillac XT4 Luxury Some units X January 3
Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury, Sport Some units X January 3
Cadillac XT5 Luxury, Premium Luxury, Sport Some units X December 20
Cadillac XT6 Luxury, Premium Luxury, Sport Some units X December 20

So far, the Cadillac CT4 and CT5 luxury sedans, as well as the full-size Escalade SUV, remain unaffected.

The limited availability of parking assist technology is the latest in a growing list of vehicle features to become either limited or eliminated completely due to the microchip shortage. Earlier this month, we reported that most Cadillac vehicles would be impacted by limited availability of heated steering wheels as well as heated and ventilated seats. The luxury marque has since announced that it will retrofit vehicles built without the previously mentioned features sometime in 2022. As of this writing, it’s unclear if Cadillac will be able to retrofit vehicles affected by limited parking assist feature availability. 

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  1. And the chips don’t keep on coming! What a joke Cadillac has become.

  2. To any naysayers out there, learn your history. Henry Leland formed the Cadillac Motor Company from the remains of the Henry Ford Company, Ford’s second Failed attempt at automobile manufacturing. Later Henry Leland would leave and start The Lincoln Motor Car Company, kind of a stepbrother of Cadillac. My father was a business owner who always drove a Packard as his father did. When I came of a driving age Packard was no more, but there was Cadillac. I could not afford a Cadillac, so on my 20’s I drove a Corvette, but in my 30’s it was a Cadillac, in my 40’s it was Cadillac, in my 50’s it was a Cadillac, in my 60’s it was a Cadillac, And Now in my 70’s it remains a Cadillac, the XTS. Every Cadillac I ever owned was the top-of-the-line Cadillac, Fleetwood, DHS, DTS, throw in a Seville D’Elegance for some flavor. Driving a Cadillac always makes the statement. When going to a business meeting, I pulled up to the front of a well-known hotel with my Cadillac Fleetwood, with fender skirts and a mile long, it was the head turner of all my colleagues. I was the one who could do the job at a high-performance level and as my superiors would comment, Vic can deliver the goods and my Cadillacs showed I was the one to do the big job. I am a driven individual, but very loyal to what I love or respect. I am loyal to Cadillac, for my lifetime of driving a car that everyone looked at and thought “someday, I wish to have a Cadillac”.

    • “Driving a Cadillac always makes the statement. ” And what is that statement today? We can still produce half baked cars and there will still be enough fools out there that are concerned with making a statement rather then wanting quality!

  3. Sloppy exit from in car phone feature is an insult to loyal
    Caddy owners and dictates the end of my families ownership of GM products. Guess you can’t fix stupid!

    • I have to ask… do you not own a cell phone?

  4. Yes But it is not as safely convenient to connect and range is not as good. Hands free in car is an important feature to me and I am willing
    to pay for it. Cadillac had a unique feature which added to its human
    attended On Star set it apart and ahead especially for more mature drivers

    • Ron – the human portion of OnStar isn’t going anywhere. What’s going away is ONLY the hands-free calling feature, which has been entirely replaced by personal devices.

      • “entirely” Don’t be so sure. I am not the only Cadillac owner who is unsatisfied by this elimination strategy and even more disappointed in the manner in which it has been executed.

        • So what real-world use case is there for not using a cell phone?

  5. Depends which one of the many “real worlds” you are in.

    • Ron – I’m simply asking what your reality is.

      1. What prevents you from using a cell phone / smart phone to make calls from your vehicle?
      2. What makes you rely on the OnStar calling service to do the same?

  6. Convenience and safety


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