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2021 Escalade Looks Slick On Vossen HF6-2 Wheels

2021 Escalade Looks Slick On Vossen HF6-2 Wheels

The Cadillac Escalade exudes luxury and road presence, carrying the torch as Caddy’s flagship SUV model with full-size proportions and sumptuous style. The latest 2021 Escalade continues that tradition with a ground-up overhaul (re-engineering and redesign) that includes all-new style for a fresh fifth generation. Now, we’re getting a glimpse of the new 2021 Escalade as it rolls out on a set of Vossen HF6-2 wheels.

Recently posted to the official Vossen Instagram feed (@vossen), this particular 2021 Escalade is covered in Crystal White Tricoat paint, which is offset by gloss-black for the grille insert, accents, and body moldings, creating contrast that nicely accentuates the restyled Caddy’s body lines.

Enter Vossen’s HF6-2 wheels, which are mounted in the corners with a 24-inch diameter and Silver Polished finish, adding an extra dash of flash to the mix. The Vossen HF6-2 wheel was designed specifically for trucks and SUVs, and rocks a six-spoke design with an angular, sharp layout.

These particular rollers are sized at 24 inches by 10 inches, front and back, which looks to be about right for an SUV as large and in charge as the 2021 Escalade. Vossen also offers smaller sizes for the HF6-2, including 22-inch diameters and 20-inch diameters, with each of the three dimeters offered in a variety of offsets as well. Buyers also have five standard colors to choose from, plus 9 custom finishes. Pricing starts at $599 per wheel, per the Vossen website.

Even for an SUV as iconic as the 2021 Escalade, a new set of wheels does wonders for the aesthetic, with the simple, six-spoke layout of the HF6-2s doing well to complement what came from the factory.


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As a reminder, the 2021 Escalade offers two engine options, including the 6.2L V8 (production code L87) gas unit, and the 3.0L I6 (production code LM2) turbodiesel. Both engines connect to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

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  1. I don’t really think these wheel do any justice to the Escalade. They are rather plain appearing from any distance. Up close the finer details which are very nice are noticeable. I feel that some of the available wheels from the factory are more appealing. I wouldn’t put these on my 2021 Sport platinum Escalade in Black Raven body color.

  2. At about $2400.00 for a set of 4. I don’t think so. I will pass. Just another way for the dealers to stick it to the customers. Oh yes let’s not forget the $1225 for the white paint. Looks like Cadillac is following the Henry Ford playbook for colors. The only standard color it comes with is black!

  3. Every other company is going aero front end, or aero and black out grills. Along comes GM with the same barn door aero front end as the truck line. Very curious.


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