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U.S. Cadillac Sales Decreased 18 Percent In Q3 2020

U.S. Cadillac Sales Decreased 18 Percent In Q3 2020

Cadillac sales in the United States decreased 18 percent to 32,965 units during the third quarter of 2020.

Individual model sales performance was as follows:

During the first nine months of the 2020 calendar year, U.S. Cadillac sales decreased 25 percent to 86,586 units.

Sales Results - Q3 2020 - USA - Cadillac

MODELQ3 2020 / Q3 2019Q3 2020Q3 2019YTD 2020 / YTD 2019 YTD 2020YTD 2019
ATS-89.23% 17158-89.53%110 1,051
CT4* 1,536**2,168 0
CT5* 4,001**9,576 0
CT6-74.03% 4221,625-47.63%2,972 5,675
CTS-86.88% 1481,128-92.07%476 5,999
ESCALADE-55.87% 4,53810,284-43.12%15,093 26,535
XT4-29.39% 6,3458,986-32.94%15,485 23,092
XT5-23.13% 9,46712,315-37.30%24,273 38,711
XT6+44.79% 6,2494,316+252.03%15,454 4,390
XTS-78.94% 2421,149-90.44%979 10,242
CADILLAC TOTAL-17.51% 32,96539,961-25.16%86,586 115,695

The Cadillac Society Take

U.S. Cadillac sales continued on a negative trajectory during Q3 2020. The decline in sales represents the fourth consecutive quarter of sales volume contractions in the U.S. market for the luxury automobile marque.

Even so, the third quarter performance represents a significant recovery compared to the second quarter, when Cadillac suffered a drastic drop of 41 percent to 23,296 units due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, the 32,965 third-quarter deliveries is the brand’s best quarterly performance thus far in 2020 in the U.S. market.

While most Cadillac models posted a significant drops during the quarter – including a drastic 56 percent decline in Escalade sales – the performance of the new Cadillac XT6 and Cadillac CT5 is noteworthy. With 6,249 deliveries, the three-row luxury crossover posted its second-highest sales figure of all time in the U.S. market, only second to the 7,169 units sold in Q4 2019. Meanwhile, the 4,001 deliveries of the CT5 luxury sedan represent the highest figure for the sedan to date.

The third quarter was also the second full quarter of sales for the new Cadillac CT4, during which the sedan garnered 1,536 deliveries. Notably, Cadillac says the average compact sedan transaction price in the third quarter was above the segment’s overall average, as per by JD Power figures.

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  1. What do you expect.. you dropped the “real” cadillacs xts and ct6.. ct5 is too small and is a poor replacement for the xts and ct6..You think sales are bad now.. wait till cadillac goes full electric. Marry Barra will be the ruin of GM.

    • Seriously Mr. Dumont?

      The CT6 only managed 7900 in 2019. 1128 in Q3 2019.

      XTS 1149 in Q3 2019, and most of those were going to rental/livery fleets.

      No one buys “Real Cadillacs” anymore.

      • mercedes,bmw,audi,lexus ,hundai all build “full size cars.

      • sadly cadillac has abandoned this market.. Genesis G90 is starting to look good.

        • If you think the G90 “looks good”, well that’s your opinion.

          Better hurry if you want one. Sales are 1600 so far in 2020. Hardly worth importing them.

  2. She just wants Cadillac to be the electric (and somewhat fancier) division of the General Motors Truck Corporation.

  3. mercedes, bmw,audi,hundai lexus all build full size cars and also build convertibles.. and we wonder why cadillac is being left in the dust.

    • Check the US sales figures of those import sedans. Then see how many more CUXs/SUVs they offer compared to sedans.

      The imports can afford to offer large sedans here because they don’t build them here! They build them in Europe or Japan and supply the whole world from that one factory. They can import just enough of units to the US supply demand. Cadillac has only North America to supply from North American factories.

      Now, if you want a XTS or CT6, Cadillac could import them from China. How many Chinese Cadillacs would YOU buy?

      • true they all sell more suv and cuv s but they still sell full size cars

  4. I hope someone will notify me if the Cadillac Division of General Motors accidentally produces a Cadillac. If they do, I’ll buy it.

    What they build is plastic garbage with last-gen tech with enough thrill level to perhaps entertain my housecat.

    I want to drive to a Cadillac dealership and buy a luxury car, not a bling hack job which is comfort competitive with a Kia Stinger (a very good vehicle.) Sadly, actual luxury vehicles with serious comfort really aren’t in the offering of anyone at this time, as development goes into technology and alleged performance.

    My current vehicle, a 2017 Jaguar XFS, was a CPO bargain and has been a trouble free vehicle for 40,000 miles. It still is not the level of comfort which made Cadillac legendary in years past. I did compare the offerings of both brands and found Cadillac’s build quality, fit/finish and cabin interior not much improved from a Camaro or other routine GM stock model.

    I don’t want an overburdened 4 cylinder and the Lyriq will be technically dated by the time it arrives. The CT5-V is underpowered and overpriced. And it’s not comfortable.

    Poor Cadillac may have again died another in a long series of suicides.

    Mary Barra is a monster.

  5. The low sales figures in Cadillac’s home market are disappointing. It is disturbing the brand strays from its heritage design elements. For example, the El Miraj, the Ciel and the Sixteen had shown modern interpretations of the “Cadillac look.” Blueprints were patented for a CT5 Coupe and shown in the summer of 2018 but there is no such offering. There are those of us who remain loyal to Cadillac but the product is lacking. In my opinion, it would have been better to have one version of the CT4 or CT5 but with various models–Sedan, Wagon (could have been a crossover), Coupe and Convertible–with greater heritage design elements, such as the vertical tail lamps of the El Miraj.

  6. I bought a 2018 xts with the naturally aspirated 3.6 v6. It’s been a great engine and the 6 speed is smooth. The wind noise is quiet, the engine is not audible when driving. The fuel mileage is excellent. I like the car, except one very very annoying issue, it’s not just Cadillac but ALL sedans.

    They build in a huge trunk, then slope the back window almost to the rear end of the car. The result is a big trunk with no opening big enough to get anything in the trunk. I can’t understand the copy cat car designers, because this is the same issue with all car brands.

    There is one car that I might buy next, the BMW 4 series with the hatchback. Just so I can get something into the trunk.

    Too bad, because I would like another Caddy.


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