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Who thought that was a good idea

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    I have now owned my CTS for 4 years. Who thought such a small font in this post block and no way to change it was a good idea? Who thought stiff hard run flat tires on a lux vehicle, with no spare was a good idea? Who thought replacing the touch screen over and over with the same failed part was a good idea? Who thought no way to carry a large water bottle in the door pocket was a good idea? and for now, who the hell thought shinny black surround around touch switches was a good idea?


    Agree completely! Owned mine a 2015 CTS-Vsport for 4years. Rides very rough. CUE is terrible, replacing the screen but not sure that will cure the problem. Great performance though!
    Any ideas on how to smoothen the ride?


    Identify the marketer who understands nothing about cars, but it turned out beautifully.


    2017 CTS 3.6. Got rid of Pirrelli run flats. Terrible tire. Replaced with Michelin pilot sport 4 a/s. Non run flat. Quiet and smooth.


    Cue touch screen is note responding. Dealer wants $1800 to replace the touch screen. What’s worse is they have to pull the module to get part numbers because they can’t use a vin number. $210 charge for labor. You can get a new screen online that does not use the gel that is the problem with the current OEM parts. Better touch response and 2 year warranty. Cuescreens.com $149

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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