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SRX sunroof leaks and shorts out the tailgate electronics

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    There is a known issue with the drain lines for the sunroof for the SRX that shorts out the tailgate electronics and also leaks into the front driver side of the car. The issue is difficult to fix from what I am finding and there are few mechanics that know what to do to stop the leak, which will short out the electrical system to the entire car. I had no issue with this and then suddenly WOW .. the flood was on .. I now have to cover the sunroof of the car all the time in case of rain and you cannot drive the car in the rain. I had additional drain lines put in the car, we bored holes in the trunk well where the water collects and shorts out the electronic opener for the back gate, and now the pump is out because it drowned in this mess… any suggestions? Of course CADILLAC LIES ABOUT THIS AND SAYS IT DOESN’T HAPPEN but it is all over youtube .. I saw where one lawsuit was filed and of course it was dismissed .. I don’t know .. I do not think I will EVER buy another GM product .. it is just SO disheartening to have a car manufacturer be so very neglectful of the design and accountable for all the issues

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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